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  • Age Range: Best for ages 6-12, appropriate for any age – – Tumble is a science podcast that sharesthe stories behind science discovery.
  • Sample Episode: The Mystery of When Brains and Sports Collide – – Age Range: Best for ages 9-14, appropriate for any age – – In every episode of this podcast, a different group of kids discusses a young adult book.
  • Age Range: Best for ages 6-12, but interesting to all curious minds – – Each episode of this science podcast is co-hosted by a different kid, tackling their questions with interviews, fun segments, and the occasional musical number.
  • Age Range: Best for ages 5-10, but interesting to all curious minds – – Produced by Vermont Public Radio, each episode of this podcast starts with an audio recording of a child asking a question (listeners are invited to send in their own), such as why people have different religions,…
  • Age Range: Materials available for grades K-5, but content would be interesting to anyone wanting to learn about composers – – The short episodes of this classical music podcast introduce listeners to different composers, often taking several episodes to study specific pieces or aspects of a composers work.

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  • The concept of artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1950s when Alan Turing introduced the Turing Test to prove that a machine could carry on an intelligent conversation with a human.
  • Obsession with AI technology seems to be at an all-time high, with many VC-backed incubator programs dedicating special resources to artificial intelligence related startups and solutions.
  • The AI trend will continue to spawn startups dedicated to healthcare technology, which could lead to a cure for cancer and other diseases.
  • Any type of artificial intelligence technology that can take a human being out of harms way is good, not bad.
  • We regularly post new articles about AI impacts, tech startups, software, innovation & technology, ideas and current trends.

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