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Copy Comments to Google Classroom Docs and Slides

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  • These comments can provide them with: – – – Additional directions – Hyperlinks to resources – Voice recordings from the teacher – A checklist of items for the student to resolve – And more – – – The only drawback was this trick does not work in – Google Classroom….
  • So if you use Classroom to push out copies of Docs or Slides to students, there was no way to also copy the comments during that process.
  • Until now… – – – See below for details on a great new – Chrome extension that lets you – copy comments for Docs and Slides when making copies through a Classroom assignment.
  • The students will now get a copy of the file (or files) you attached to the assignment, however your comments are not copied along with the files.
  • Now the extension will take the comments from your original Docs and/or Slides and will copy those comments into all of the students versions of the files.

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Write Right with Google Tools

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  • Be sure to click the links for the related blog posts in each section to get all of the directions, examples, and resources for each.For this collection of resources, I have organized the information into eight stages of writing:(for training) – Google Doc link The first step in writing is…
  • With Drawings you can provide pre-made templates for students to fill in, or the students can create their own graphic organizers.See below for access to my graphic organizers templates you can copy, as well as additional resources and directions for creating your own.Once a student begins their actual writing, there…
  • With Google Docs there are many ways for others to view student works and provide helpful input, including text, voice, video, and handwritten feedback.See below for resources and directions for different feedback options.As students edit and improve their writing, it can be very useful to be able to see what…
  • There are several tools you can use toSee below for directions on how to use several different rubric tools.Rubric Tools:Rather than have the student writing process end with their grade, we can extend it by.
  • This provides motivation for students to write their best and to continue to revise and improve their work.Because Google Docs are digital, it is easy for student writing to be shared with family, community, others students, and people around the world.For details on how to share student writing online see…

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11 tips for creating stop motion in Google Slides

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  • This post is written by Jake Miller, a tech integration specialist from Ohio.
  • I wrote a post recently about using Google Slides for stop-motion animation.
  • When Jake Miller wrote this post about 11 tips for creating Google Slides stop-motion animation, I knew I had to share them with you!
  • Jake is also a WIZARD at creating animated GIF images to illustrate his tips!
  • Now, for Jake’s 11 tips for creating stop-motion animation with Google Slides!

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