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  • Some thoughts on using a website tool such as ImgFlip: – – Works on any device since it is web-based – Large collection of images provided – Option to upload your own image – Reasonably easy to use – Possibly some inappropriate content from other users in the public gallery…
  • If you want to provide your students with some pre-selected images, I have included a link in the template to a Google Folder with a collection of common meme pictures.
  • Some thoughts on using Google Drawings to create a meme image: – – Works on PC’s, Macs, and Chromebooks, but would not be as easy on a mobile device.
  • Small collection of images provided – Option to upload or search for your own image – Reasonably easy to use – No worry about inappropriate content or having the site blocked – – – Option #3 – Use Google’s Meme Buddy Tool – – For the final option we will…
  • Some thoughts on using Meme Buddy to create a meme image: – – Works on PC’s, Macs, and Chromebooks, and on a mobile devices if you have the Google Assistant app installed – Ability to ask for any image for the meme – Very easy to use – Possibly incorrect…

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  • This post is written by Jake Miller, a tech integration specialist from Ohio.
  • I wrote a post recently about using Google Slides for stop-motion animation.
  • When Jake Miller wrote this post about 11 tips for creating Google Slides stop-motion animation, I knew I had to share them with you!
  • Jake is also a WIZARD at creating animated GIF images to illustrate his tips!
  • Now, for Jake’s 11 tips for creating stop-motion animation with Google Slides!

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  • If your students are studying anything that connects to locations on a map, Google MyMaps is a great tool.
  • When you click on a pin in MyMaps, it displays a box that students can fill with information, images, links and more.
  • (Or if YouTube isnt an option for students, upload it to Google Drive and provide a link to the video in the pin instead.)
  • Have students add a link to one of their videos or resources to a pin on a map.
  • Use the blue Share button in the Google files to generate a link that you can share in a pin on a map.

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