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  • To prove this I have used Google Sheets to create a – Random Writing Prompt Generator that randomly pulls from a list of about – 2,000 adjectives and – 1,000 nouns to create over – 2 million unique prompts.
  • See below to get your own copy of the Sheet, learn how it works, and get more ideas on how to help your students write poems, stories, or other creations.
  • The Spreadsheet – – – To get your own copy of the – Random Writing Prompt Generator spreadsheet, click the link below: – – – The Google Sheet has three tabs: – – – The Prompts tab – Here you will find 20 randomly generated writing prompts in the form…
  • Help with Rhyming – – – In addition to the – Random Writing Prompt Generator spreadsheet, another tool that may come in handy is the – Rhyme Finder add-on for Google Docs.
  • You can get the link to other people in many ways: – – – Link it in on the class website – Post it to the stream in Google Classroom – Share it on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ – Send it in an email to others…

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  • You can winby filling out the raffle form linked below.
  • The raffle form will close on, and winners will beby Pear Deck.

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  • #MeetTheTutellusTeam: interview with Karolina Szymanczak, UX Designer atTutellusHow was your arrival at the Tutellus team and what have you learned on a personal and professional level since you arrived?
  • Before I arrived to Tutellus I used to work in a team of designers so for me was totally new experience to be the only one responsable for the entire design.
  • Im not much of a technology freak like the rest of the team, but I learned a lot when Tutellus decided to launch
  • What is being done to change the lives of more than 100 million people from Tutellus?
  • When you go out of the Tutellus HQ, how is your life?

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