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Why Education Needs Blockchain Technology – ODEM –

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  • Why Education Needs Blockchain TechnologyA global education marketplace would reduce barriers to access and allow for personalization of experience – Blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin, may be just what the global education industry needsa fresh approach to improving student access, lowering costs and making course material more relevant in…
  • The idea is to spawn a collaborative, interactive platform to empower students to engage with top academics in the creation of high-quality onsite educational experiences at a reasonable cost.
  • Our platform, which may become the Airbnb of global education, leverages the Ethereum blockchain to simplify the logistics of delivering short-and-medium-term academic experiences.
  • Overall, the platform will give students and other buyers of education more control and power to customize their course material.
  • And its important to note that Excelorators already has a network of more than 200 professors and education industry service providers lined up to spearhead adoption of the ODEM platform.

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In Conversation: Black Female Tech CEOs on Leveling the Playing Field for Youth of Color – News

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  • Many organizations, including Black Girls CODE and DreamBox Learning, work to ensure that girls of color have ample opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology so they will become lifelong learners who are equipped to reshape their skills as the workforce evolves.
  • Two African-American, female CEOs at the helm of technology companiesJessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning, and Kimberly Bryant, CEO of Black Girls CODErecently sat down with each other to discuss how technology and innovation will level the playing field to increase opportunity for youth of color.
  • The issues we face are systemic and require a multi-pronged approach which addresses everything from what images girls of color are presented with as STEM role models, how we train, educate, and encourage girls of color in the classroom, to how women of color are recruited for STEM roles once…
  • KB: Our vision with Black Girls CODE is to train 1 million girls of color to code by the year 2040 and to become the girl scouts of technology.
  • JWW: As leaders of technology organizations, weve talked about how incredibly important it is to be mindful of the inequities that exist when it comes to getting more women of color in STEM careers.

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20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom [infographic]

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  • Students and teachers are involved in many after school programs that could utilize Google Classroom to share resources and improve communication and collaboration.
  • As challenge-based learning grows in popularity, lets think of ways that we can use Google Classroom to allow students and teachers to, sign-up, for optional challenges by joining a Google Classroom Class designed to detail the challenge, provide resources, and allow the user to submit their evidence for meeting the…
  • Now that I can invite teachers to join my Google Classroom Classes, Im looking forward to offering new ways to connect and learn together!
  • Each community could easily create their own Google Classroom Class to share ideas, reflections, resources and connect in new ways.
  • Lets leverage Google Classroom to deliver some of the new teacher training, offer support and guidance, and a way for new teachers to connect with each other.

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