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The Bionic Educator

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  • This year at the – Ohio Educational Technology Conference, I had the privilege once again to take part in the – FREd Talks.
  • Just go back 20 years when in 1997 for the first time ever a computer, Deep Blue, beat a human grand chess master, Garry Kasparov.
  • 20 years later in 2017, an exponentially greater feat was accomplished as Google’s AlphaGo AI took on Lee Sedol that greatest Go player in the world.
  • He said the greatest chess player in the world is not a human, but the greatest chess player in the world is also not a computer.
  • The greatest chess player in the world is a human using a computer.

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10 digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 1)

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  • The traditional model for bell-ringer activities the first activities students do before starting into the substance of the class is to do some basic, quick questions: – – So, so forgettable.
  • My favorite way to do this is with Google Drawings (for creating individual images) or Google Slides (for having each student create a slide in a shared presentation).
  • Create a slide presentation with enough slides for each student in the class.
  • Students can email you photos from their cell phones and, in less than a minute, you can pull them into a Google Slides presentation to share with the class!
  • Heres how you do it: – – If youve done this before and want to do the activity again, follow these steps: – – Example: Students can take photos of the world around them with examples of what youre studying in class.

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NEW and UPDATED Periodic table of iPad apps for Primary aged pupils for iOS 11

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  • I was working this week at the JESS school in Dubai with former periodic table collaborator and good friend, Steve Bambury.
  • Its been a year since I launched the periodic table of apps for primary aged pupils and the response to it has been overwhelming.
  • This update has given me cause to reflect on not only the apps that have fallen by the iOS 11 update wayside but those that havent proved so popular for the classroom.
  • As a result, Ive updated it with lots more relevant apps including some new ones which take account of the ARKit inside iOS 11 such as Figment AR and Metaverse as well as including some new apps that have come along such as Apples Clips and the brilliant new Seeing…
  • On this basis, to make room for these new apps and those which are no longer compatible, the following have been removed: – – Ive added a bunch of new apps to the table including: Metaverse, Seeing AI, Microsoft Excel, Desmos graphing calculator, Apples Clips app, HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma),…

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