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Addressing student cheating in Google Apps

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  • These include non-technology options, as well as technology tools and resources that can help prevent or investigate cheating.
  • You can watch the – video below, access the linked – resources for the session, and read an abbreviated – overview of the webinar content in the rest of the blog post: – – – – – Watch the Video – – VIDEO – – – – – Session Resources…
  • Technology options – Preventing Cheating – – – Use a tool such as Google Classroom or Doctopus to manage assignments.
  • Details students to cite their sources with tools: – – – Use tools that include the student personally: – – – – – Technology options – Investigating Cheating – – – – – Version History – Use version history to: – – – Also use Draftback extension to play back…
  • Undelete Files – Google Admins can restore deleted files – – From the Admin Console, find a User, choose Restore Data, then Drive and date range – – Search terms in files – Google Admins can search for words or phrases in all files – – Go to Google Vault,…

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Video Dubbing Learning Activities for Students

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  • Post by Eric Curts.
  • Connect with Eric on Twitter at – – and on Google+ at

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News: week 12 of the year in – –

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  • News: week 12 of the year in Tutellus.ioThe 12th week of the year has been full of great news for Tutellus that we will summarize here.
  • – Strategic partnership withIndorseWe have released a strategic partnership with, a professional network with emphasis on skills validation, will aim to improve the students experience.
  • The new partnership will allow users to take ownership of their data and through Indorse, help to validate the millions of certificates to make them more relevant to the employers.
  • – Another interview inLondonStartuptoken interviewed us in London where we explained the Tutellus project to the whole community.
  • – Our last MeetTheTeamIn our last MeetTheTutellusTeam we met a little more in depth to Nacho, the person in charge of managing the social networks of

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