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  • However, one great choice for graphic organizers is – Google Drawings.
  • See below for – directions on how to create graphic organizers with Google Drawings (including a – help guide and a – recorded webinar) as well as – 30 free sample graphic organizers that you can copy, use, and modify as needed.
  • Tutorials – – For written directions on how to create graphic organizers with Google Drawings, see my help guide linked below.
  • VIDEO – – – – – Sample Graphic Organizers – – Click the links below to get your own copy of any of these Google Drawing templates for graphic organizers.
  • Word Study Diagram – – Google Drawing link – – – – – State or Country Research Web – – Google Drawing link – – – – – 5 Senses Diagram – – Google Drawing link – – – – – Frayer Model 1 – – Google Drawing link -…

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  • Google Maps Street View makes many of those visits possible virtually and for free.
  • Click the link for each one to go to the Street View experience in Google Maps to check the location out yourself.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Stroll around almost every part of this famous museum in New York City, checking out sculpture, paintings and more.
  • Central Park Since you were in the area visiting the Metropolitan Museum of art, go next door and tour this popular outdoor area in New York City, walking by the Arthur Ross Pinetum and the Shakespeare Garden.
  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) The most famous mosque in Turkey (known as the Blue Mosque for blue tiles adorning the inside) is visible from many parts of Istanbul and is a top world tourist destination.

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  • In a wide-ranging interview, Robinson recently spoke with us about collaboration versus competition, the all-important parent-teacher relationship and what every parent and educator can do to improve education.
  • Sir Ken: I wrote a book a few years ago called Creative Schools, which was directed primarily to educators, and there was a chapter in there for parents.
  • This partnership obviously involves, by definition, different groups, and parents sometimes can be part of the problem that schools face.
  • There are things that parents know about their kids that teachers don’t and vice versa.I grew up in Liverpool in the 1950s and 60s, and my parents didnt tear off down to the school any time there was some kind of issue.
  • So when we get these raw table rankings from 1-40 and America finds itself at number 23 in maths, moral panic sweeps Congress, and the consequence is that people draw a straight line and say, Were going to do a lot more maths in school now.

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