EdTech News Monday, March 19 Punctuation, Capital letters, Google & more…

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  • Heres a slightly Orwellian way to check whether your students may have plagiarized part of their essays: the Chrome extension Draftback, which plays back the revision history of any Google doc you can editdown to the keystroke.
  • Using the Bitmoji Chrome extension, Minicozzi plopped it into a Google Doc, added word artGreat Work, A+, Good Thinkingto create feedback posters.
  • To help make things easier for struggling students, Tracy Sneed, a teacher and technology specialist for Kern County, Calif. showed off three Chrome extensions useful for those with reading difficulties.
  • OpenDyslexic fontDocAppender is another time-saving Chrome extension that takes the results submitted in a Google Form and puts it into an existing Doc.
  • English teacher Alice Chen creates separate Docs for each of her students, then uses the extension to populate it with a rubric created in Google Forms.

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  • In this blog post you can get a copy of a – free 20-color pixel art template I have created for – Google Sheets which includes several – built-in activities.
  • Fractions 8×8 – This tab allows you to make a pixel art drawing inside of an 8×8 grid, and then you determine the fractions represented by each color you used.
  • Area – This tab allows you to make a pixel art drawing and then determine the area in square units represented by each color you used.
  • Conditional Formatting – – There are many ways you can set up a Google Sheet for creating pixel art.
  • The color key for the template is: – – – – – Directions for Creating Pixel Art – – Here are the directions for creating pixel art with the template: – – – Click on the tab in the template titled Draw.

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