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  • Google Tour Builder is one of my favorite lesser-known Google tools.
  • After doing several posts on different aspects of the tool, I figured it was time to give it the full treatment of a video training webinar.
  • For those not familiar with the tool, – Google Tour Builder allows you and your students to create – virtual tours on a map, including – locations, – images, – videos, – descriptions, – hyperlinks, and more.
  • See below for my – 1-hour video training webinar on Google Tour Builder for any Subject.
  • Video Training (1 hour) – – VIDEO – – – – – Session Slideshow – – – – – – – Session Resources – – – – Sample Tours: – – – – Webinar Files: – – – Session Chat: If you have any questions or comments during the session,…

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  • These comments can provide them with: – – – – Additional directions – Hyperlinks to resources – Voice recordings from the teacher – A checklist of items for the student to resolve – And more – – – See below for – details on the URL trick you can use…
  • Force a Copy with Comments – – For a long time we have known about a trick to – force a copy of a document when someone clicks on a link we give them.
  • Here’s how… – – – Step #1 – Share the document as a link with comment rights – – To be able to force a copy of a document with comments, first the document has to be shared so that anyone can make comments on it.
  • To get your own copy of this document, along with the comments, click the link below: – – – – – – – Example Uses – – So how could it be beneficial for students to get a copy of a document with comments already pre-loaded?
  • You could add comments to the document that provide students with links to websites, videos, or even other documents.

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  • The five activities include: – – – Random Generators – Educational Games – Pixel Art – Learning Databases – Analyzing Data – – – For each of these examples I demonstrated how to do these activities with Google Sheets, although you can accomplish the same activities with Microsoft Excel or…
  • You can access these templates and full directions on how to use them through the links below: – – – – – – – – – – Below is the portion of the training video that covers this specific activity: – – – VIDEO – – – – – 2)…
  • You can access the template and full directions on how to play Battlesheets through the link below: – – – – – – – – Below is the portion of the training video that covers the Flippity and Battlesheets activities: – – – VIDEO – – – – – 3)…
  • You can access the – 20-Color Pixel Art template and full directions on how to use it through the link below: – – – – Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets – Blog post link – – – – – – Below is the portion of the…
  • See below to access a blog post with several practical examples, as well as all the directions on how to build a learning database, and how to use the sort and filter tools to learn from it: – – – – Have Students Build Learning Databases with Google Sheets -…

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  • Thanks to the growing popularity of online classes, many of todays students are missing out on the benefits of in-person lectures.
  • As the chief executive officer of On-Demand Education Marketplace, or ODEM, Im committed to building a blockchain-based platform that empowers students to put live lectures from top universities at the core of their ongoing education.
  • As the chief executive officer of On-Demand Education Marketplace, or ODEM, Im committed to building a blockchain-based platform that empowers students to put live lectures from top universities at the core of their ongoing education.
  • Thats what I took away from a recent column in the New York Times by University of Michigan ProfessorSusan DynarskientitledOnline Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help.
  • Our in-person courses, taught by reputable professors and educators and held at recognized educational institutions, allow students to learn together in an environment that encourages discussion.

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  • They are interactive, their display size is much bigger and brighter, and the software used helps teachers create a classroom environment where participation flows easily between students at their desk to the front of the room.
  • In a classroom that uses the newest generation of interactive projectors, lessons are more dynamic and student engagement increases.
  • Integrating interactive projectors with student devices, such as Chromebooks, PCs, Androids, or Apple products, allows you to send a math problem or exit-ticket prompt to students for individual completion.
  • Creating beautiful scenes on your walls is a great start, but why be confined by the walls of the classroom when your interactive projector can take your students to new places?
  • Plus, with the large display and high quality of the interactive projector, your students will feel like your visitor is right in the room with them.

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  • A recent study was done by Children and Virtual Reality, a collaboration between researchers, VR companies, universities and health organizations, found that using VR tools could have significant health impacts on children.
  • Started in 2015, the experiment just completed its third of four phases, where researchers worked with a group of about 20 children, aged 8 to 12, to observe health and safety issues posed by the use of VR tools.
  • What the researchers found in the third phase of the study, published last October, was that usage of VR headsets could impact a childs vision, balance and spatial awarenessconcerns they say educators should consider before adopting VR technology.
  • However, for children who displayed issues with balance, spatial awareness, vision and depth of perception in the pre-test, those problems may have intensified after using virtual reality tools.
  • Yamada-Rice worries for children using the tools at home, but she doesnt suspect that this will be a big problem for educators whose students will be on headsets for short periods of time.

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  • With a few steps and some creativity, Google Slides can become a powerful animation tool that most students — little to big — can wield.
  • In this post you’ll see … how to create stop motion animation with Google Slides how students can present it to each other (or a larger audience online) how it can be used in the classroom This is cool!
  • It took three sketches to do this whole animation … – – It can get much cooler, though … Option 2: Create a video of the animation with a screen recording.
  • By taking a video recording of the screen while students flip through their animations, they can capture their animations more permanently — AND add voice narrations!
  • Before students start recording, here’s how I would set up the slides for recording … Click the dropdown arrow next to the Present button.

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