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Author: Tom Clancy

  • Be it by enforcing an admission system that often perpetuates inequality or by having outdated programs that don’t equip their students with the highly demanded skills of the ever-changing market, universities can be a very expensive and inadequate way of getting specialized education and training.
  • The ODEM platform runs on the Blockchain and uses a smart contract-based payment platform to give all members of the education supply chain the opportunity to create a request, design or attend an educational event while having a payment system that offers real-time and transparent financial transactions.
  • By doing so, ODEM can offer a network of over 200 professors, providing a service that combines a real classroom learning experience and the flexibility and agility of online education.
  • The aim is to provide an education service where the absence of middlemen leads to an experience that works best for all parties, as it can be customised to the students’ needs and professors can evolve based on the feedback that they get.
  • Cryptocurrency for the new era of education – To pay for its services, ODEM is launching the ODEM Token (ODEMT), which can be bought through an ICO that is going live on Feb. 17 and should continue until March 19 or until all tokens have been sold.

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  • Looking for a picture book or informational text to bring into a Presidents’ Day lesson?
  • This list includes a handful of books perfect for a Presidents’ Day activity.
  • You can introduce these selections to your whole class as read aloud books or send home the list with families for their next trip to the library.
  • #ScannableTech Tip: Find a YouTube video with a reading of a notable speech made by the historical figure in the book you choose.
  • Learn more – – #FormativeTech Tip: Create a backchannel for students to pause and post a question or noticing during your read aloud.

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  • That’s why parent engagement is a key part of our strategic plan in Florida’s Hillsborough County Public Schools.
  • Although building a strong connection with a group that isn’t present in school every day can be a challenge, there are strategies to make it easier for both teachers and parents.
  • A large part of strengthening parent engagement is meeting families where they are, which is increasingly online.
  • Students, and their parents, spend a great deal of time on social media websites checking for updates and sharing information, and we wanted to create the same type of highly engaged online community for our schools—like a Facebook for academics.
  • When our team went through the process of identifying an online parent engagement platform in 2013, we had unique needs to meet the demands of a 215,000-student district.

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Author: Tom Spall

  • MANY different URL shorteners out there including the chrome extensions:  There aredifferent URL shorteners out there including the chrome extensions: and .
  • These URL shorteners are great for making a long URL short and cleaned up for when you need to supply a link to your students, the audience at a conference, or send home to parents on Remind and/or text.
  • is a great URL shortener that even gives you analytics and a QR code for that link.
  • allows you to make custom URL links, and with the paid version you can get great analytics.
  • Yellkey allows you to create a shortened url and then allow that url to be active for a specific amount of time.

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Author: Cool Initiatives

  • Perhaps you are a teacher with a great idea, or maybe you are a small edtech business already trying to disrupt the face of education.
  • Until 28th February, we’re calling on edu-aspiring disruptors to take part in the Cool Initiatives Education Challenge .
  • This competition is all about finding technologies that can help address real-world education challenges.
  • Our aim is to help advance the ‘future of education’ by supporting innovators trying to improve the school experience.
  • The Education Challenge is open to anyone with a great idea, or those developing their own technology.

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  • Science Snacks is a resource that I referenced in my list of ten blog post topics for your school blog.
  • Science Snacks features activities that can be conducted with inexpensive and readily available materials.
  • Science Snacks are also accompanied by a written explanation of the science at work in the activity.
  • Applications for Education – While originally designed for middle school and high school students, many of the Science Snacks could be altered to fit in an elementary school setting.
  • Many of the Science Snacks activities could be conducted by middle school and high school students at home with the help/ supervision of parents.

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