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Extended Features Of Moodle: Organization – eLearning Industry

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  • Integrations – Google Apps – This is a new integration between Moodle and Google, allowing you to benefit from the two platforms working seamlessly together.
  • Its a simple integration, as Moodle users are automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail).
  • You can have a Google Apps menu block displayed on the Moodle Front Page that will show you the links to your various apps (Start Page, Docs, Calendar, Gmail).
  • There are also a few plugin options for specific Google App integrations: – – – A Google Drive repository plugin that will pull your files from Google Drive, and into your Moodle.
  • The integrated platform also delivers automation and enhanced reporting, and it provides training content to customers, partners, and employees that is a CRM designed for small businesses, can also be integrated with Moodle through custom developed integrations.

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GVC Clubhouse/Globaldreamers unite

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Is humiliation part of your teaching toolbox?

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  • Heres the Bastianich method: While taking in a mouthful of the contestants food, he locks eyes with themyou can almost hear him thinking, Give them the signature look, Joe.
  • I dont mean that he physically hurts the contestantshe does stuff to their food, to the dishes they just spent the last hour carefully putting together, and by doing so he takes things to a whole new level of disrespect: Hell pick up a forkful of risotto, hold it high…
  • In a meeting with two pasta entrepreneurs, a pair whose company he was just about to invest seventy-five thousand dollars in, Bastianich picked up a box of their pasta… – – then, saying there was no love in this box, dumped the entire box of pasta on the table in…
  • torn a students paper or thrown it into the trash in front of them or other students?
  • I dont want the well-intentioned students to fear making mistakes because it means risking public ridicule, and I dont want the rougher students experiencing yet another crappy role-model, and contemplating ways they can beat me at my own game.

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7 Creative Ways Teachers Can Fundraise

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  • According to the U.S. National Center for Educational Statistics, over 90% of American public school teachers spend their own money on unreimbursed classroom supplies, with the average spend exceeding $450 per teacher per year.
  • Also, private donations are matched by corporations, helping teachers make the money go further – – When DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best, a former Bronx public school teacher, set up Donors Choose in 2000, Crowdfunding wasnt even a word and I had no idea that our little experiment would ever spread…
  • Donations go directly into teachers accounts where they can buy supplies through Adopt a Classrooms vendors and get products shipped to the school.
  • One recent success storyinvolves Jessica Horner, a Special Needs teacher in New Jersey who found herself paying over $1000 per year out of pocket for classroom supplies.
  • As teachers continue to pay for supplies with their own money, it is clear that a lot needs to be done to reform school funding.

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Kids Can Thank Mom by Making a Meal Themselves

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  • Others include: – – When I first started writing these blogs, all three of our boys lived at home and ranged in age from early elementary school to middle school to high school.
  • While there are benefits inherent in family dinner itself (see final section), the benefits extend even further when kids are part of the preparation process.
  • Last year, as our senior in high school (Grant) received his manual for workouts and nutrition in preparation for becoming part of a college student-athlete, he declared that he wanted to shop for and cook his own food.
  • Our son, Adam, is quite creative and loves his snacks, so his early high school years focused more on things like smoothies, vegetable dips, eggs and snack mixes.
  • Cooking may not have been his favorite in early high school years, but he has provided family entertainment by playing his guitar and singing.

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[/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”] Kids Can Thank Mom by Making a Meal Themselves | Getting Smart [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]