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Early Elementary: Differentiate Reading Practice

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  • In my last post titled Create Small Learning Communities with the Station Rotation Model, I provided a blended learning strategy that creates more time in the classroom for teachers to work individually with students.
  • They can be used in combination with the Station Rotation Model to help differentiate reading practice for younger students.
  • In one online learning station, students listen to books/stories with an audio recording.
  • In the read-to-self station, students read a digital storybook and record an audio capture of their reading.
  • Storynory is another online resource that allowsstudents tohearaudio stories and read the text.

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Voice Typing in Google Documents

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  • Simply, click on Voice typing and a microphone will appear on the left side of your Google Document.
  • Voice typing will turn your spoken words to text on the document.
  • Just like your SmartPhone talk to text feature, it will recognize words like comma and period and insert the punctuationif you say these words as you dictate.
  • I have students who have never taken a keyboarding class and still hunt and peck when typing an essay, which is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor.
  • When we speak, we use ourtone of voice to emphasize particular words or phrases.

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Music Droid

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The future of the Google Assistant: Helping you get things done to give you time back

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  • Starting today, you can choose from six new voices for your Google Assistant.
  • With Multiple Actions, which is already starting to roll out, the Google Assistant will be able to understand more complex queries like Whats the weather like in New York and in Austin?
  • Starting today, were rolling out Custom Routines, which allow you to create your own Routine with any of the Google Assistants one million Actions, and start your routine with a phrase that feels best for you.
  • For example, you can create a Custom Routine for family dinner, and kick it off by saying Hey Google, dinner’s ready and the Assistant can turn on your favorite music, turn off the TV, and broadcast dinner time!
  • Later this summer, youll be able to schedule Routines for a specific day or time either using the Assistant app or through the Google Clock app for Android.

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Study: Why Some Children’s Apps Might Not Be as Safe as You Think – EdSurge News

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  • Emily Tabatabai, a data privacy lawyer, tells EdSurge that many of the apps and companies that get COPPA certifications from Safe Harbor organizations arent even used by children.
  • A lot of companies will certify with the Safe Harbor program really as a PR benefit to indicate that they are aware of their obligations and they want to put users at ease, says Tabatabai, who is a partner and founding member of the law firm Orrick, Herrington Sutcliffes cyber,…
  • One specific example examined by the researchers is the well-known classroom behavior app ClassDojo, which has a COPPA certification through the Safe Harbor organization iKeepSafe.
  • At the time the study was conducted, the researchers claimed that ClassDojo was sending location data to Amplitude, an analytics provider, whose privacy policy, they write, prevents it from being used in child-directed apps.
  • For its part, ClassDojo tells EdSurge that it only shared location data from the parent and teacher portions of the app and did not and does not violate Amplitude Privacy Policy.

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