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Battling Against Traditional Perceptions of Teaching and Learning

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  • My students role in the classroom has largely been to listen, take notes, and complete individual practice.
  • Unfortunately, this traditional student role does not demand that they develop the key soft skills that people entering todays evolving workforce need to be successful.
  • Because my classroom is project-based, technology-infused, and student-driven, it demands that students take an active role in the learning happening.
  • So, the challenge for me continues to be the battle against my students perception of both my role as teacher and their role as learners in our classroom.
  • I have this sneaky suspicion that many of my students will not fully appreciate the skills they have developed in my classroom until long after theyve left school.

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Teacher Strikes Morph from Pocketbook Clash to Partisan Street Theater – Education Next

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  • In Oklahoma, after threatening a walkout, teachers received a 16-percent raisethree times the raise earned by their West Virginia colleagues.
  • The teachers then walked out anyway, on behalf of an agenda that included, depending on who was talking, more funds for textbooks, non-teaching staff, and salaries; changes in Oklahomas capital gains tax rate; other changes in the tax code; new hires at the State Department of Education, and more.
  • Arizonas teachers demanded a 20-percent raisefour times what West Virginias teachers soughtand threatened a walkout if the state didnt step up.
  • For teachers who find such sentiment hard to fathom, they should ask themselves how theyd feel if first responders walked off the job (after being promised a reasonable pay bump) because they objected to their states capital gains tax rate.
  • And for those teachers who have been told by #RedforEd organizers that doubling down on partisan progressive politics-as-usual is a winning political strategy that will unleash torrents of new taxing and spending in right-leaning states like Oklahoma and Arizona, I suspect theyre going to be sorely disappointed.

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10 Effective Ways of Improving Reading Comprehension in Your Learners

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  • If you were to ask, most teachers would agree improving reading comprehension is about teaching students how to think while reading.
  • For example, astudent with excellent reading comprehension skills but no background in Economics might be better prepared for a college Economics course than a student with average reading comprehension skills who has aced high school Economics courses.
  • To prepare students for college and careers, reading comprehension needs to be a part of all subject areas, argues the Edudemic article Why Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas is so Important.
  • Telling students that improving reading comprehension is crucial and then giving them tests that emphasize rote memorization is backward reasoning.
  • Yes, students can succeed at improving reading comprehension skills by practicing how to ask and answer questions while theyre reading, taking notes, setting goals, writing summaries of what they have read and more.

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6 Domains Of Cognition: The TeachThought Learning Taxonomy – TeachThought PD

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  • 6 Domains Of Cognition: The TeachThought Learning Taxonomy – – by Terry Heick – – How can you tell if a student really understands something?
  • It can be even be displayed on a class website or hung in the classroom to help guide self-directed learning, with students checking themselves for understanding.
  • 36 Thinking Strategies To Help Students Wrestle With Complexity – – Early Understanding – – Domain 1: The Parts – – – – Explain or describe it simply – Label its major and minor parts – Evaluate its most and least important characteristics – Deconstruct or unbuild it efficiently -…
  • Identify the major and minor parts of the Revolutionary War (e.g., economics and propaganda, soldiers and tariffs).
  • Evaluate the Revolutionary War and identify its least and most important characteristics (e.g., caused and effects vs city names and minor skirmishes) – – Domain 2: The Whole – – – Explain it in micro-detail and macro-context – Create a diagram that embeds it in a self-selected context – Explain…

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Teachers to be offered year’s paid sabbatical to improve retention

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  • In an address on Friday to more than 350 school leaders in Liverpool, education secretary Damian Hinds will announce a 5m pilot scheme designed to ensure teaching remains an attractive, fulfilling profession.
  • Only teachers with 10 years experience would be eligible to apply for the sabbatical, which a spokesperson for the Department for Education (DfE) said was intended to help reward long service.
  • Hinds will also announce a range of other proposals: We will be introducing an enhanced offer of support for new teachers including extending the induction period to two years and we will work with the profession to develop a new early career content framework that will set out all the…
  • The education sector is facing a shortfall of 30,000 classroom teachers, and though this year the primary recruitment target was met, only 80% of the teachers needed for secondaries joined the profession.
  • According to a recent National Education Union survey, 80% of classroom teachers say they have considered quitting the profession because of their workload, while an online poll by Teacher Tapp found only half of teachers think they will still be in the job 10 years from now.

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