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20 easy ways to collaborate globally with your class now

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  • Or decide who is the expert on the days topic and let him/her teach while the other teacher supports students in person and in the other class through a back channel like TodaysMeet.
  • Virtual group work Dont pair students up with other students in your class.
  • Students can write each other comments on the blogs and/or gather in a video call to discuss blog posts.
  • If you meet a class via video call, consider helping to solve each others problems.
  • BONUS: Collaborating with other teachers Video calls arent just for students!

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The Best Service Learning Is Like the Best PBL | Blog | Project Based Learning | BIE

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  • But dont let me just tell you about it, let student projects from the field describe this intersection, in a sweet spot that promotes engagement and greater service to the world.
  • The projects will not only raise awareness as a service to a rural community, but grow student perspectives and allow the community to learn about these global issues from youth.
  • The project has students exploring their interests, looking at school and community needs, and applying for yearlong leadership positions with school or community mentors.
  • Youll see more examples of service and project based learning in the Voices from the Field section of by book Real and Relevant: a guide for service and project based learning, including one teacher who coordinates with a local Humane Society for service learning; how one group of students built…
  • By using both project based and service learning pedagogies, teachers can create experiences that connect students deeply to their communities, while increasing motivation, engagement and meaning.

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Respectful Talk

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  • Teaching Channel’s videos help teachers get better at teaching–no matter where they are in their careers.
  • By licensing our videos, your users get unlimited access to these unparalleled tools for a period of one year.

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