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6 Traits of Life-Changing Teachers

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  • And when a students home life is less certain, school can be a welcome oasis: Jacqueline McDowell fondly remembers that her sixth-grade teacher was constant and stableshe saw the whole me and was steady when other things in my life were not.
  • A passion for education is in the blood of the best teachersthe word passion showed up 45 times in our audience responsesand the best teachers pass it on to students.
  • Remarkably, life-changing teachers find a way to stay calm amid the chaos and play the long game, giving their students the time and support they need to learn.
  • The power of a teachers simple, unequivocal belief in a student was mentioned almost 70 times by respondents.
  • Showing love for studentsthrough small but meaningful gestures of kindnessis far and away the most impactful thing life-changing teachers do.

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Move from a Static Classroom to a Dynamic Classroom

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  • Static Learning: Static learning is learning that is lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way that is not engagingwhere learning happens in short bursts and is often demonstrated in one-and-done activities, short-term assignments, or worksheets (even digital worksheets), that are confined within the traditional bounds of the…
  • With tools like G Suite for Education that are available 24/7, the learning doesnt have to stop when the bell rings at the end of class, or when the worksheet is turned in, or even when the school year ends.
  • If we extended the learning beyond the normal bounds of a one-and-done activity or worksheet, we are giving students opportunities to broaden and enrich the learning.
  • A dynamic classroom also allows opportunities for students to tap into those much needed creative skills, explore their passions, and pursue their own learning goals.
  • Dynamic Learning v. Static Learning (DO THIS, NOT THAT Infographic) – – How to Push the Boundaries of School with Dynamic Learning – – In the Game of School, We Change or Students Lose!

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Five Assessment Myths and Misunderstandings

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  • Luckily for my students, since then Ive grown quite a bit in my understanding of assessment practices, and as I look back at them over the past 14 years, its not with disgust (although that would be justified at times), but with hope and the knowledge that change is possible….
  • I author this piece not to judge current practices, but in the hopes that some of the ideas below might shed new light on waysto take a fresh approach to assessment, and improve learning for all students.
  • However, if the assessments are designed correctly and the work required in order to revise or retake is meaningful, additional learning and mastery of skill should still occur for this student, too.
  • I tell my students, – – With so many states now using some sort of student growth measure as part of the evaluation process, pre-tests, for better or worse, are all the rage; however, many teachers can relate to the quote above.
  • He evaluates teachers, oversees the literacy coaching program, plans and implements professional learning, and works with district leaders on CCSS integration, implementation, common assessments, and rubrics.

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