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3 Conversation Shifts in Education

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  • While many lament the slow speed of change in education, I would argue that it is happening in many schools at a rapid pace.
  • In this recent post from The Washington Post by Ted Dintersmith, he would suggest that he is observing some amazing examples of innovation in classrooms and schools as well: – – Second,I was blown away by the many inspiring examples of great innovation I encountered in classrooms, schools, districts and…
  • If we are shifting in education to focus more on the process of learning, our learners will have to be able to assess their progress through their unique journeys.One way this can be done is through the use of digital portfolios.
  • For example, many schools moving towards digital portfolios are focused more on what tool they want to use, as opposed to what type of learning they want to happen.
  • I have been inspired by many conversations with educators, online and offline, and feel the progression I have seen in many schools has been directly related to so many of them focusing on their own learning and continuous growth.

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50+ Essential Songs for the History Classroom:

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  • What follows is a list of songs I regularly use in class, organised in broadly chronological order in terms of the topics they relate to, with a brief explanation of how you could make use of them with your own students.
  • Oliver’s Army (Elvis Costello) – – Topic: The English Civil War (and others) – – This superb song is one that can be revisited many times by students at different points in their studies.
  • The Smithsonian Article sums him up well The showman whom John Lennon immortalized in song was a real performera master horseman and Britain’s first black circus owner – – Victoria (the Kinks) – – Topic: Should the British be proud, or ashamed, of their Empire?
  • His recordings are of traditional slave and roots music (Midnight Special being a song about the Underground Railroad) and his own original compositions reciting the injustices of living as a black man in segregated America (e.g. Bourgeois Blues).
  • I start by giving students the original lyrics to the first two songs before we listen to the Presley version and then asking them what they think Newbury was trying to say by blending all three of them together.

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The Shift From Content To Purpose: A Continuum Of Choice

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  • The Shift From Content To Purpose:A Continuum of Choice – – What is the difference between a teacher-centered and learner-driven classroom?
  • Sylvia Duckworthwho has created dozens of useful, minimalist sort of sketch notes/illustrations that convey ideas in educationhas taken the thinking fromBarbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskeyand createda complimentary visual.
  • What happens when you empower students with choice and purpose?
  • The biggest takeaway might be the change in focus from content delivery to purpose discovery.
  • Empowering Students With Choice a menu of options – provides choices to access, engage and express – – CO-DESIGNER – – The teacher… – – – points to options and then gets out of the way – invites input from learners – – DESIGNER – – The learner… – -…

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