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  • Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers
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  • Growing Readers Past our Classroom Walls
    • I recently had the gift of being observed by teachers outside of our district.  Our students are used to it and go about their regular ways, no putting on a show for strangers here.  I always get nervous because while I think our community it magical, I am not sure…
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  • Is humiliation part of your teaching toolbox?
    • When you humiliate someone, you are changing the subject. Instead of thinking about their own behavior, that student is now focused on how much they can’t stand you.
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Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers

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  • But we have too many teachers, even new teachers fresh out of college, with no idea how to utilize digital tools to increase student learning.
  • You will probably notice that most of these tips are NOT about tech tools specifically, but how to maximize their use to improve student learning.
  • When technology changes so fast, and new digital tools become available every minute, it can be tempting to try something new in your classroom every day, but learners need consistency.
  • Be consistent so that your students have an opportunity to learn in-depth, focus on the learning goals, and become savvy with the best digital tools.
  • As you are designing your learning experience, and you wonder about how a digital tool works or if there an app for that, ask a student!

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Growing Readers Past our Classroom Walls

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  • I have seen more students embrace books and reading.
  • It starts with a fully stocked classroom library because I need our students surrounded by books at all time.
  • Whether it is through unofficial moments where I ask students to share a recent favorite read, our more structured thirty -second book talks where they actually write down what they will say and I have the covers ready to project, or to their end of year Best book of the…
  • when I look at the reading community I get to be a part of every day, I cannot help but notice how the power of it always lies within the small details; the books, the displays, the conversations and yes, the patience and persistence that it takes to help build…
  • This book focuses on the five keys we can implement into any reading community to strengthen student reading experiences, even within the 45 minute English block.

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Is humiliation part of your teaching toolbox?

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  • Heres the Bastianich method: While taking in a mouthful of the contestants food, he locks eyes with themyou can almost hear him thinking, Give them the signature look, Joe.
  • I dont mean that he physically hurts the contestantshe does stuff to their food, to the dishes they just spent the last hour carefully putting together, and by doing so he takes things to a whole new level of disrespect: Hell pick up a forkful of risotto, hold it high…
  • In a meeting with two pasta entrepreneurs, a pair whose company he was just about to invest seventy-five thousand dollars in, Bastianich picked up a box of their pasta… – – then, saying there was no love in this box, dumped the entire box of pasta on the table in…
  • torn a students paper or thrown it into the trash in front of them or other students?
  • I dont want the well-intentioned students to fear making mistakes because it means risking public ridicule, and I dont want the rougher students experiencing yet another crappy role-model, and contemplating ways they can beat me at my own game.

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