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  • Today, its iPads, social media and creation tools on the Web.
  • If we center our teaching and our students learning on these ideas, we will be able to weather the storm of constant digital changes.
  • Theres power in giving students opportunities to pursue what interests them within the scope of your class OR within the limits of their own imagination.
  • Looking back over time, be it Math Blaster or Twitter in the classroom, good teachers have used the technology to accomplish their teaching goals.
  • To reach a wide audience in the past, you needed a newspaper, a book publisher, a radio station or an airplane for dropping leaflets.

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  • For in-person professional development from TeachThought on how to create an effective learning environment in your classroom or school, contact us today.
  • The role of curiosity has been studied (and perhaps under-studied and under-appreciated), but suffice to say that if a learner enters any learning activity with little to no natural curiosity, prospects for meaningful interaction with texts, media, and specific tasks are bleak.
  • So it makes sense that if good questions should lead the learning, there would be value placed on these questions.
  • Chances are, none are incredible enough to suit every bit of content, curriculum, and learner diversity in your classroom.
  • Learning is personalized by a variety of criteria – – Personalized learning is likely the future, but for now the onus for routing students is almost entirely on the shoulders of the classroom teacher.

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  • How can we expect students to be engaged in their learning if their own teachers are not engaged?
  • Pink identified three essential elements that drive human motivation: – – When Ithink about these three elements in the context of teaching, it becomes less shocking that so many teachers are unengaged.
  • The art of teaching should matter to every educator, so it blows my mind when I see teachers who do not aggressively pursue their own learning.
  • Technology is radically impacting the way students learn and, as a result, teachers are expected to adapt their teaching to engage a new era of students.
  • Its crucial that teachers find a space where they can connect with other inspired and inspiring educators tomaintain a clear purpose.

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