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  • Im calling these Chat Stations, discussion prompts that students visit just like stations, but instead of performing a complex task, they just have a quick discussion.
  • Chat Stations are incredibly flexible: They can be used for test reviews, ethical debates, exploring new material, even analyzing literature.
  • Because students have fully explored each issue in the less-threatening Chat Station setting, they will be better prepared to participate in a larger class discussion next.
  • The more traditional kinds of stationswhere students perform more complex or hands-on workare still the gold standard for student engagement, but Chat Stations can be a great strategy for those times when you havent been able to prepare a real station.
  • Youll get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration in quick, bite-sized packages all geared towardmaking your teaching more effective and joyful.

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  • From a social-emotional and character development (SECD) perspective, it means that the skill-based performance of leaders must be judged along with the character of that performance.
  • Sargent Shriver, whose leadership credentials are unrivaled in American public service, believed leaders must act and infuse their organizations with: – – 1) A sense of purpose: The values of an organization must be clear, members of the organization should know them, and they should exemplify and uphold them in…
  • 7) Deep Commitment: Leaders must not be polishing their resumes, but rather should have deep commitment to their organizations, the advancement of the organizations’ missions, and the wellbeing of everyone in them.
  • The performance of a leader must be judged by his or her skills and the character of his or her performance in the many and complex roles that leadership demands.
  • Using the seven cornerstones of leading with character, derived from the life and work of Sargent Shriver, educators and those concerned with education have a tool for both evaluating and improving leadership competencies along both moral and performance dimensions.

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  • In this presentation, I share the new ISTE Standards for Students, which have a major focus on learning; and I share how to use Google tools to support these new standards in the classroom.
  • In part one of this blog series, I will share just a few ways that you can use Google tools to support the Empowered Learner ISTE Standards for students.
  • In a very similar way, Google tools can also help support student choice of topic.
  • Learning menus (aka Choice Boards) are one of my favorite ways to differentiate and offer choice to students.
  • Look for more ways to use Google tools to support the ISTE Standards for Students coming soon.

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