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Dogfooding: How Often Do You Do Your Own Assignments?

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  • Because I hadnt done that, I had to experience it the hard way, watching my students try diligently to do as I had asked, and wasting precious instructional time on something that shouldhave taken just a few minutes to get the point across.
  • This is especially important withlarger projects, when students will bespending days or weeks putting together the pieces of some final presentation orartifact, or when the product you have in mind is something students have never really seen.
  • By the end of that week, Sarah had discovered a clearer approach to tacklingliterary analysis withher students, and was better able to explain it the following year.
  • I cant count the number of times I have gone to fill out a form as a student and just in regular life and didnt have enough room for something I had to write.
  • Although adding dogfooding to your planning process will takeextra time, consider the alternative: If you dont troubleshoot an assignment before givingit to students, you could be setting yourself up for hours of frustration as you attempt to re-teach concepts, provide time for students to re-do assignments, explain requirements to parents…

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How to Create Screencast GIFs

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  • One of the most common questions I receive is how I make my screencast GIFs, so today Im offering a post that will show you how I create them, including a video tutorial.
  • Videos are great, but a GIF is like a short video that loops so even if you dont catch it the first time, you can easily follow along and try it for yourself.
  • Check my previous post that will show you how to search for GIFs and insert animated GIFs into Google Docs, Slides, and other applications: How to Insert Super Cool GIFs.
  • There are several tools available for taking screenshots, creating screencast videos, and creating animated GIF screencasts.
  • Im sharing my favorite screencast GIF tool, Gyazo, in this post.

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Don’t Waste the First Day of School

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  • Unfortunately, many teachers spend the first day of school reading their syllabus to their students and explaining all of the classroom norms and rules.
  • This year as I was preparing for my own first day, I realized…my 9th and 10th grade students are perfectly capable of reading, so why would I spent 20 minutes of this precious first day reading to them?
  • This 20 question quizends by telling students what their learning style is, broken down into three categories: auditory, visual, and tactile.
  • Once students have completed the learning style quiz, I break the class into teams and they compete to see which group can successfully answer the most questions in the pop culture quiz Ive created.
  • I end the first day by asking my students to sit on the floor for story time.

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