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  • After instructing students on a cognitive skill directly, teachers can use cue words to indicate when it should be implemented.
  • In addition to helping students engage with and understand content in new and complex ways, cognitive skills carryover into students lives outside of school and can influence their success in college and future careers (pp. 107; 110111).
  • Culture is the general atmosphere of a classroom and encompasses how a teachers interactions with students create a positive or negative emotional environment.
  • When a classrooms culture and climate are positively aligned, teachers can maximize their students ability to learn (pp. 6061, 66).
  • Expressions are the nonverbal communications, such as body language and facial expressions, that teachers (and students) exhibit in the classroom.

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  • Children are using digital technologies and media at increasingly younger ages and for longer periods of time.
  • But it is in this digital world that kids are also exposed to many risks, such as cyberbullying, technology addiction, obscene and violent content, radicalization, scams and data theft.
  • Digital use: The ability to use digital devices and media, including the mastery of control in order to achieve a healthy balance between life online and offline.
  • Digital safety: The ability to manage risks online (e.g. cyberbullying, grooming, radicalization) as well as problematic content (e.g. violence and obscenity), and to avoid and limit these risks.
  • Digital emotional intelligence: The ability to be empathetic and build good relationships with others online.

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  • This is your complete guide to all of the Google Certifications for Educators: Google Certified Educator, Level 1 & 2, Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Administrator, and Google Certified Innovator.
  • If you have ever considered becoming Google Certified, read this guide first!
  • I have synthesized the information about all of the Google Certification options from resources on the web including, The Google for Education Training Center, and the Certified Administrator website, into an easy-to-follow guide.
  • You will also find additional resources linked within this guide, as well as resources on my website: always adding new resources to support Google Certifications, including blog posts, ebooks, videos, infographics, and online courses!!!
  • To access all of the latest certification resources visit the Google Certification Resource Page.

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