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Cryptocurrency has been great for GPU makers—that might change soon

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  • A big reason for this: the soaring value of ether and other cryptocurrencies in recent months created a ton of demand for graphics cards to mine them.
  • And even if the rest of Nvidia’s graphics cards went exclusively to gamers, the cryptocurrency-induced shortages helped to push up the average priceand therefore profitabilityof all graphics cards Nvidia sold.
  • The story has been similar for Nvidia’s main graphics card rival AMD, which released first-quarter results a few weeks ago.
  • AMD announced record revenues and profits, with revenues up 23 percent since last quarter and 40 percent over a year earlier.
  • AMD didn’t provide a specific projection for blockchain-related revenues in the second quarter, but a company spokesman said last month that he expectedblockchain revenue to be a mid-to-high single-digit percentage of revenue for all of 2018again, suggesting that the rest of the year will be significantly below the first-quarter sales….

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Canadian Trifecta Successfully Tests Blockchain Securities Settlements

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  • That steady march toward the mainstream continues as the Bank of Canada, TMX Group, and financial security non-profit Payments Canada have just successfully tested a blockchain-backed securities settlement platform.
  • The pilot test involved the three organizations creating an integrated securities and payment settlement platform […] to complete an instant settlement, per Reuters.
  • However doubts were cast about the usefulness of a blockchain settlement platform by Bank of CanadaSenior Special Director Scott Hendry this week, who posited during a May 10th talk that benefits from a DLT system might not be uniform: – – Even with that said, Hendrys Bank of Canada is…
  • As Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital partner and tokenizations high priest Anthony Pomp Pompliano routinely argues on Twitter, we may be on the cusp of the next step in the evolution of financial instruments like securities: – – Hes bullish on the pace of this evolution, thinking that the security token…
  • If Pomps right, though, then securities settlements via blockchain really will be ubiquitous in due time.

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United States Secret Service Investigating Cyber-attack On Ohio City

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  • US Secret Service agents are looking into an attack affecting Riversides computer server, according to state and federal officials who are familiar with this matter.
  • The city manager said today that, Another computer virus hit the city of Riversides police and fire servers last week and erased certain files.
  • The previous attack destroyed 10 months of police data by making it inaccessible to the police officials.
  • City Manager, Mark Carpenter claims that Riverside officials still do not know what happened during the attack.
  • According to Carpenter, this attack targeted the citys server Friday afternoon and erased about 8 hours worth of data.

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Mexican Banks Hacked – Leading To Large Cash Withdrawals

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  • Several banks in Mexico have experienced large cash transfers in recent weeks after cyber-criminals infiltrated some financial institutions which led to unauthorized transactions, as claimed by the central bank in an interview with Bloomberg.
  • Banco de Mexico has zeroed in on 5 financial institutions that have had their external connection to the central banks electronic payment system compromised, as claimed by the central banks head of operations Lorenza Martinez.
  • It has been 2 weeks since the financial authority asked some of their lenders to connect to their payment transfer network via a back-up schemes after a suspected cyber-attack destroyed some transfers.
  • It has been reported last week that Grupo Financiero Banorte, Banco del Bajio SA and Banco del Ejercito were the banks that were targeted directly through a suspected cyber-attack.
  • Martinez said, While vulnerabilities were discovered at the end of last month, at least one bank experienced an incident as recently as this week, some of the cash was withdrawn from accounts that had just recently been opened.

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Strategist: Weather forecast could regulate cryptocurrency mining

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  • PLATTSBURGH Luis Miguel Sanchezsaid the weather forecast canpreventincreasedenergy costsfrom cryptocurrency mining.
  • The founder of SGX Analytics,Sanchezwas a panelistat the SUNY Plattsburgh Center for Cybersecurity and Technology’s recent discussion, Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Mining and the City of Plattsburgh, in AuSable Hall.
  • The virtual mining process became notorious for its high use of electricity leading the City of Plattsburgh to surpass its energy cap and increase electrical costs for city residents.
  • In March, after 10 percent of the city’s monthly power supply was used by cryptocurrency miners, the City of Plattsburgh Common Council imposed an 18-month moratorium to prevent the introduction of any new cryptocurrency the Plattsburgh policywilllead miners to settle in other areas of low electricity cost.
  • They (the City of Plattsburgh) do have a capacity to run more solution to Plattsburgh’s cryptocurrency miningupheaval is allowing more miners alongside establishedpolicies and regulations.

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