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What’s Big in Chatbots in 2018 and Beyond

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  • Noticeably Chatbots or bots are one of the most popular AI technologies and often referred to as the darling of media.
  • Chatbots have been the buzzword in the tech industry for the past few years and are anticipated to replace mobile apps.
  • From creating smarter business workflows to automating customer service to acting as an intelligent digital assistant for employees, AI chatbots have a ton of use cases in the B2B, B2C and B2E scenarios of the enterprise.

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How Chatbots Are Influencing the Future of Content Marketing

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  • Although turning to robots doesn’t immediately sound like the best way to have more human conversations, chatbots can empower brands toimprove their content marketing strategiesand meet evolving customer needs.
  • More personalized user experiences – There is simply too much content, data, and advanced technology available to brands right now for any company not to be personalizing its audience’s experiences.
  • By building bots that sift through existing content and give users what they need when they need it, you can not only strengthenyour content distribution strategy, but you can also create a more positive brand experience for your audience overall.
  • Even though users know the bot isn’t a real person, those human touches (when combined with helpful functionality) create memorable, authentic brand experiences.
  • Instead, treat chatbots as extensions of your brand — because a customer who has an experience with a bot, positive or negative, will remember that as an experience with the company.

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Meltdown security patches issued by Microsoft exposed to severe attacks

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  • TheMeltdown and Spectre security updatesreleased by Microsoft in January and February for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 patch Meltdown are affected by a vulnerability that could be exploited by attackers to easily read from and write to memory.
  • The researcher pointed out that attacker doesnt need sophisticated exploits because Windows 7 has already mapped the memory for each active process.
  • – – The PML4 is the base of the 4-level in-memory page table hierarchy that the CPU Memory Management Unit (MMU) uses to translate the virtual addresses of a process into physical memory addresses in RAM.
  • Once read/write access has been gained to the page tables it will be trivially easy to gain access to the complete physical memory, unless it is additionally protected by Extended Page Tables (EPTs) used for Virtualization.
  • All one have to do is to write their own Page Table Entries (PTEs) into the page tables to access arbitrary physical memory, he added.

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