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GraphGrail Ai Develops HR Assistant Chat Bot – ICO Graph Grail –

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  • GraphGrail Ai Develops HR Assistant ChatBotGraphGrail Ai, the worlds first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace, has developed a specialized AI-based chat bot tailored specifically for HR departments and specialists.The bot is designed with multiple database parameters already integrated…
  • The bot will fulfill all of the traditional tasks assigned to an HR specialist in messenger services with the only human input being instruction fulfillment and final feedback.The bot is also capable of searching for resumes of candidates in various online resources, such as Linkedin, HH, Superjob, social network, specialized…
  • By applying the product, HR specialists do not have to communicate with unsuitable candidates as the bot will filter out the required ones and rank them by level of compliance to the vacancy.Convenience and maximum efficiency of the HR specialists time has been taken into account as the bot will…
  • After a suitable time has been determined, the bot will schedule candidates at the right time and upload meetings to the specialists calendar.Training and professional development is another function of the bot.
  • In a convenient messenger, the employee will study the material and be tested, leaving HR specialists with the task of checking results.By applying the GraphGrail Ai chat bot, HR specialists gain a powerful tool capable of automating multiple mundane tasks and improving the efficiency of candidate selection with maximum feedback…

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Spotify Starts Banning Users Who Hack Spotify For Free Accounts

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  • Quite recently, Spotify learnt that more than 2 million users had been using illegal means to access their accounts.
  • The company charges 9.99 for the premium account, and with 2 million users getting access to such accounts for free, it is a loss of about ten million pounds, which is huge.
  • There are several websites that offer doctored Spotify files that turn free accounts into premium accounts, but now with the company cracking down on such accounts, users may have no option but to buy a premium account or stop using Spotify.
  • A few days ago, when Spotify finally spotted suspicious activity from many accounts, upon investigation they learnt that illegal software were being used by many users to avail premium services.
  • Users who have been using the services by illegal means or are trying to hack Spotify should stop doing os immediately and must uninstall the app and install it again to enjoy using it.

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New Aston Villa Chatbot officially launches

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  • BillyBot consolidates that effort into one easy to access tool that allows fans instant, intelligent conversation with the club via Facebook Messenger.
  • We are keen to keep the user at the heart of that development, ensuring that fan response shapes the chatbot service into something of genuine use and purpose.
  • This will provide a creative platform that allows the club and fans to work collaboratively to develop new and exciting features, unique to BillyBot.
  • BillyBot operates with a unique sense of humour that captures the personality of the clubs social media platforms.
  • Everything we do at Villa keeps the fan at the heart of the experience and the development of BillyBot is no different.

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