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Be a champion for compassion and build a chatbot

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  • Q&A with Catherine Solazzo, Vice President, Developer Engagement, IBM Digital Business Group and Diana De Los Santos, Associate Director of Education, Girls Who Code – – With rapid advancements in technology, the US Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be four million computer specialist job openings.
  • To tackle this problem head on, IBM is not only partnering with educational systems to , but we are partnering with organizations such as Girls Who Code to bring new cloud-based learning opportunities to students.
  • To talk more about the first Hero Journey course, Chatbots for Good, along with the importance of transformational, digital based learning opportunities, I sat down with Diana De Los Santos, Associate Director of Education at Girls Who Code.
  • Diana: Girls Who Code has set a goal to grow our Clubs programs, and we see this vast expansion of our program as an opportunity to bring access to exciting and unique technologies to communities nationwide.
  • The next set of Hero Journeys from IBM will continue to introduce digital natives to the new Watson, Internet of Things and mobile services to help grow their technological skill sets, understand the importance technology has in shaping their future, and contribute to building a new collar workforce.

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City of Atlanta paralyzed by a ransomware attack, is it SAMSAM?

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  • The ransomware infection has caused the interruption ofseveral citys online services, including various internal and customer-facing applications used to pay bills or access court-related information.
  • Investigators believe that hackers initially compromised a vulnerable server, thenthe ransomware began spreading to desktop computers throughout the City network.
  • – – In response to the attack, IT staff sent emails to city employees in multiple departments telling them to disconnect their computers from the network if they notice suspicious activity.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the SAMSAM strain was used to compromise the networks of multiple U.S. victims, including 2016 attacks on healthcare facilities that were running outdated versions of the JBoss content management application.
  • TheSamSam ransomwareis an old threat, attacks were observed in 2015 and the list of victims is long, many of them belong to the healthcare industry.

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Ben is a chatbot that lets you learn about and buy Bitcoin

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  • Ben is a chatbot that lets you learn about and buy generally a given that whenever a new technology takes off people rush into the space to build everything under the sun, and eventually natural selection kicks in and only the truly useful remain.
  • Benis a chatbot that lets anyone become familiar with cryptocurrencies via a recognizable chat interface.
  • By talking with Ben, users can do things like take lessons and learn about cryptocurrency, read the latest industry news, and of course buy and sell Bitcoin.
  • Users cryptocurrency is stored in the cloud but their private keys live only on their own personal device, which isnt as secure as complete cold storage but does ensure that your bitcoin cant be spent without someone having access to your phone.
  • And as natural language technology evolves Ben will be able to answer more and more questions over time, making it a perfect on-ramp for people who need a little more hand holding before they open their wallet and trade their (actual) benjamins for a string of ones and zeros.

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