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  • Chatbots aren’t failing us, our expectations for them are
    • All machines built prior to the computer were designed to serve as an extension of the human body. Think of things like the crane, the bicycle, and the butter churner. The computer was the first machine built to expand the human mind. The interface has changed over the years, but…
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  • Sierra Leone Holds First-Ever Blockchain Presidential Vote
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  • 5 Biggest Myths about Big Data
    • Big data and its features have creating a buzz for the longest time now. Big data has touched many technologies, and since so many are talking about it, the myths associated with it are on a rise too.
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Chatbots aren’t failing us, our expectations for them are

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  • The discovery bot – The discovery bot attempts to tease out intent based on natural language processing, much in the same way that the Google algorithm identifies a searchers goal.
  • That said, the bots natural language processing is imperfect, in part because users themselves may not express semantic intent accurately.
  • Another potential problem with discovery bots and the reason that we have not yet seen them widely deployed beyond individual brands is that when chatbots learn through machine learning without any direct human control, they can learn the wrong behaviors.
  • From the Dominos Facebook bot to the Marriott Slackbot to the Amazon Customer Service Bot, many businesses are putting chatbot technology to use to streamline operations.
  • Companies will likely develop the discovery bot in various retail settings this year (pioneers including HM and Sephora have already launched versions of it), and in the coming 10 years we may even begin to see these distinct breeds evolve into one highly intelligent chatbot that can actually hold a…

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Sierra Leone Holds First-Ever Blockchain Presidential Vote

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  • In what, by all accounts, appears to be a world’s first for the emerging technology, Agora, accredited by Sierra Leone’s National Election Committee used a private, permissioned blockchain – one inspired by the technology that backs bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – to oversee the results of a national election in…
  • Indeed, as even such stalwarts of democracy as the U.S. have proven their susceptibility to elections fraud, the Sierra Leone election – exactly because it was so hotly contested – could prove to be a landmark of sorts, if blockchain can overcome just a few more hurdles.
  • Stepping back, though, not only is this the first time blockchain has been implemented in a national election, it’s also the first live implementation for Agora’s stack of blockchain services -what the foundation calls skipchain technology, designed to reach consensus with each node only seeing part of the blockchain.
  • And while the act of counting votes certainly introduces a number opportunities for fraud, Agora CEO Leonardo Gammar was on-location to help manage the operation as voter IDs were checked against Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Committee’s voter registration list.
  • Still, Lukasiewicz said the current Sierra Leone government wanted to create an extra layer of transparency by using Agora’s blockchain technology.

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5 Biggest Myths about Big Data

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  • The fact that big data is being collated from several sources at the same time, does not necessarily mean its too big to handle; its rather diverse.
  • Big data contains good data is a big time myth.
  • With improvisations in technology, big data analytics has improved over time and the cost for it has come down drastically.
  • Well,over time big data has evolved and it has touched more than one fieldand is currently being used in different industries.
  • People hear so much about big data all the time that they feel almost everyones using it.

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