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Congress Can’t Vote on Cannabis Anymore Because of This Man

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  • Pete Sessions Blocks Cannabis Legislation – Pete Sessions is a Republican Congressperson from Texas.
  • For at least the last two years, Sessions has enacted a vendetta against cannabis reform, blocking every piece of weed-related legislation from going to a vote in the House.
  • Sessions has successfully managed to block all national cannabis legislation from going to a vote on the House floor.
  • Despite what Pete Sessions may say, cannabis could actually be acure for opioid addiction.
  • Final Hit:Congress Cant Vote on Cannabis Anymore Because of This Man – Sessions comments about weed earlier this week are alarming.

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The Big Grow Debate: Which Is Better, Indoor or Outdoor Pot?

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  • Its almost unfair to put outdoor and indoor cannabis growing in the same category: Outdoor grows rely on Mother Nature to control the most important variables, while indoor-gardening techniques will allow you to control the same factors with ease.
  • These indoor growers quickly improved their techniques and green bud was born, creating the new standard of cannabis that we know today.
  • Outdoor cannabis is better because the suns natural light spectrum produces more cannabinoids and terpenes, increasing the plants flavor and potencythe two qualities every cannabis aficionado values.
  • A Washington Statecertified lab compared 2,700 samples and found that sun-grown cannabis was at least 1 percent higher in THC than indoor plants; likewise, terpene response is best under the sun.
  • At the same time, light-deprivation techniques allow growers to reduce the amount of light that the plants receive to 12 hours per day in order to induce the flowering stage during summer.

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New Federal Spending Bill Includes Medical Marijuana Protections

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  • In a move that should ease anxiety among those in the cannabis industry, the new federal spending bill includes medical marijuana protections.
  • Under it, U.S. law enforcement agents and prosecutors are barred from spending federal money to hinder state medical marijuana programs.
  • We are concerned about the Department of Justice enforcing federal marijuana law in a way that blocks implementation of marijuana reform laws in those states that have passed such reforms, they wrote.
  • The issue at hand is whether the federal governments marijuana policy violates the principles of federalism and the Tenth Amendment.
  • Last week, 62 members of Congress sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee to ask for the extension.

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