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This State Could Allow Non-Residents Access to Medical Marijuana

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  • If the Hawaii House of Representatives passes this bill, this statecould allow non-residents access to medical marijuana.
  • In January, Hawaii officially began allowing out of state medical marijuana patients to buy weed from medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • This program will be reciprocal, meaning that out-of-state residents can purchase medical marijuana in Hawaii, and Hawaii-residents can do the same out of state.
  • Not only are out-of-state residents advocating for access to medical marijuana, but Hawaiis eight dispensaries advocate for the bill.
  • They issued a joint statement through the trade program, which is made up of all eight medical marijuana businesses: – – [The bill]would enhance the medical cannabis dispensary program with additional patient access, product controls and safety, and provide improvements to the administration of the program.

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Marijuana Munchies Explained by Science

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  • Scientific studies are beginning to successfully unravel the mystery of why we get the munchiesTHCstimulates appetite by regulating a group of neurons that normally suppress the appetiteeven when were definitely not hungry.
  • Studies concluded that weed helps improve insulin control and regulates body weight, which explains why stoners dont become obese from all that snacking.
  • So you can have a rebound of not eating for a long period of time after you have the munchies, explained Dr. Tamas Horvath, professor of neurobiology and comparative medicine at Yale University, who has undertaken a number of studies on munchies and cancer patients.
  • In other words, after an initial bout of the munchies, there is a tendency to go a long time without eating, which keeps the weight under control.
  • In fact, Horvath said there is no association between marijuana use and obesity in any of the existing scientific literature.

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8 Family Friendly TV Shows That Are Secretly for Stoners

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  • With the eighth season set to begin in January, followed by the shows concluding ninth season, now is as good of a time as ever to catch up.
  • The influence is obvious: Steven Universe features a maturity from the start that Adventure Time took several season to build, and elements from the 10-minute format to the deep background mythology shows that Sugar took the best lessons from Adventure Time to create something deeply unique and undeniably human.
  • While the show ended after the second season, it was on the creators terms, meaning that the show has an extremely satisfying and immensely effective series finale.
  • One of the most acclaimed modern superhero cartoons, the AV Club raved ofthe shows second season, saying it was one of the best seasons of any animated superhero series, continuing Young Justices organic evolution into something bigger and better than before.
  • Batman: The Animated Series premiered in 1992, but its impact continues today: it is consistently ranked as one of the best animated and best superhero television shows of all time, and Les Daniels wrote in his book Batman: The Complete History that the show came as close as any artistic…

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