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Former MillerCoors Brewmaster Is Launching New Weed-Infused Drinks

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  • And Villa wants to leverage that capability for Cerias new cannabis craft beers.
  • In fact, the former MillerCoors brewmaster behind Blue Moon said he voted against legal recreational cannabis in 2012, when Colorado voters passed Amendment 64.
  • Villa began looking into blending cannabis and beer while he was still working at MillerCoors.
  • Thats why Villas removing the alcohol from his weed-infused beers is more than just consideration for potential drinkersalcohol and cannabis can sometimes make a gnarly duo.
  • Lighter beers will have less THC per bottle, while the heavier stuff will offer THC in the 15-20 milligram range – – Of course, Villa isnt the first to come up with the idea of infusing cannabis in beverages or even in beer.

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California City Lowers Its Sales Tax on Recreational Cannabis

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  • This week, a California city lowers its sales tax on recreational cannabis to compete with the black market.
  • Officials in Berkeley, California argue that tax-abiding marijuana dispensaries arent able to offer the same low pricing as black market dealers due to the states heavy tax program.
  • California law mandates thatcannabis consumers pay a city tax, sales tax, cultivation tax and state excise tax.
  • For that reason, this California City lowers its sales tax on recreational cannabis.
  • Before you could buy recreational weed in California, we predicted that the states considerable cannabis tax would encourage black market sales and dissuade legal buyers.

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This State Will Soon Allow Medical Marijuana For Autistic Children

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  • Wednesday marked the first step in getting Louisiana children living with autism access to medical marijuana.
  • A committee of Louisiana lawmakers passed an expansion of state medical marijuana law that broadens who will have access to cannabis treatment.
  • On Wednesday, March 28, a committee composed of members of the Louisiana House of Representatives approved an expansion to Senate Bill 271 that will make autistic children eligible for medical marijuana treatment.
  • Dr. James Smith, who specializes in cardiology, testified in front of the committee in favor of treating autistic children with medical marijuana.
  • Though the committee heard many voices against legalizing medical marijuana for children with autism, they approved the measure.

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