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Solar and wind make more electricity than nuclear in the UK for the first time ever

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  • More UK electricitywas produced by wind and solar sourceslast year than by nuclear power stations,for the first timeaccording to the latest government figures.
  • Wind had a particularly good year, giving weight to renewable energy leaders who are calling on the government to end its ban on wind-power subsidies.
  • These official figures confirm that its been another record-breaking year for wind energy, which generated 15 per cent of the UKs electricity in 2017, said Emma Pinchbeck, executive director of trade body RenewableUK.
  • This meant that at the end of last year over half of our electricity came from low carbon sources, and most of that from wind and solar, overtaking nuclear power.
  • Experts have called for an end to the governments current subsidy ban on new onshore wind farms, which they say is holding back the development of the UKs energy infrastructure.

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Bitcoin prices jump after Japanese online broker reportedly makes bid for a crypto exchange

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  • Bitcoin prices rose above $7,400 Tuesday after reports that Japanese online brokerage firm Monex Group is looking to take over a recently-hacked Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck.
  • The Japanese company plans to bid several billion yen for a majority stake in Coincheck as soon as this week, and will set up a new management team to rehabilitate the exchange, the Nikkei Asian Review reported Tuesday – – Bitcoin prices hit a high of $7,430.56 following the news,…
  • Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BK Capital Management, said the possibility of a Monex deal bolstered views that mainstream cryptocurrency adoption is on the way, helping bitcoin prices Tuesday.
  • Monex owns U.S.-based online brokerage TradeStation, which Kelly pointed out would now in one way or another, be attached to Coincheck.
  • Coincheck drew the attention of Japanese regulators early this year after hackers stole roughly 523 million lesser-known NEM coins from the exchange.

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Tech Thinks It Has a Fix for the Problems It Created: Blockchain

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  • Photo – – – Ryan Shea, a co-founder of the start-up Blockstack, is one of many entrepreneurs who think blockchain technology could help people wrest control of their personal information away from the internet giants.
  • The company built a way to record the basic details of ones personal identity on a blockchain database and then use that identity to set up accounts with other online projects.
  • Blockstack has built a way to record the basic details about your identity on a blockchain database and then use that identity to set up accounts with other online projects that are built on top of it.
  • Credit – Sam Hodgson for The New York Times – – – Blockstack is one of several blockchain-based projects hoping to create a new generation of online services that dont rely on having unfettered access to our personal information.
  • For example, the widely used Bitcoin blockchain allows certain data details of the transactions between users to be seen by anyone, even if other data the users identities remains obscured.

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