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Elon Musk deletes Facebook accounts for Tesla and SpaceX

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  • It all went down in a snarky Twitter exchange that kicked off Friday morning when Musk responded to a widely shared tweet that called on people to delete their Facebook pages.
  • Another user chimed in asking him to take SpaceX off the platform, and Musk replied that he didn’t realize it had a Facebook page.
  • I don’t use [Facebook] & never have, so don’t think I’m some kind of martyr or my companies are taking a huge blow, Musk later wrote on Twitter.
  • Related: New Tesla pay package could make Elon Musk the richest man alive – – There were also calls for Musk to ditch Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.
  • A Twitter user pointed out the photo sharing app’s relationship with Facebook in a tweet, and Musk replied that Facebook’s influence is slowly creeping in.

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Colleges are now offering courses in cryptocurrencies and blockchain

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  • Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, MIT and Stanford are just a few of the elite universities offering courses in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology underlying them.
  • Blockchains have created a sea change in the relationship between academia and industry, said Ari Juels, a Cornell Tech professor and co-director of the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts.
  • At U.C. Berkeley, Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business, and Law, is the first course cross-listed in three departments: engineering, law and business.
  • Besides offering the graduate-level course, the university also boasts a robust student group, Blockchain at Berkeley.
  • Still, most students say they’re not driven by the financial prospects of blockchain.

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College students are investing in bitcoin with financial aid money

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  • More than 20 percent of college students use their financial aid money to invest in cryptocurrencies, according to new findings by The Student Loan Report, a website for student loan information.
  • The site polled 1,000 current college students with loan debt this month.
  • I was definitely surprised, said Drew Cloud, The Student Loan Report’s founder.
  • Undergraduate students received on average around $4,600 in federal loans in the 2016-2017 academic year, according to the College Board.
  • A student who spends their student loans on cryptocurrencies is violating their agreement with the government, said Elyssa Kirkham, of Student Loan Hero, a website for managing student loans.

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