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Bitcoin can’t provide the answer to a cashless society, top central bank policymakers say

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  • The findings form part of an opinion piece co-authored and published Tuesday by a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, Benoit Couere, and Jacqueline Loh, chair of the Switzerland’s Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Markets Committee.
  • New research from the BIS, known as the central bank of central banks, showed non-cash payments in 25 major countries have roughly doubled in size, as a share of gross domestic product, since the turn of the century.
  • Cash is the only current way in which a person on the street can access money that is backed by a central bank.
  • The piece contended that while a central bank digital currency (CBDC) could solve this risk, it could also disrupt the manner in which the financial system and economy currently works.
  • A CBDC for all would challenge the current model of banks taking customer deposits and using that money to fund the lending that helps drive the economy, it said.

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Forget tariffs. Use blockchain ‘smart contracts’ to ‘punish cheaters’ without ‘hurting friends’

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  • One never comes to a board room to present a problem without also balancing it out with a proposed solution.
  • As the debate about the new tariffs on steel and aluminum rage on, it’s important to realize that there is something we are missing altogether.
  • Blanket tariffs have unintended consequences in commerce and, most important, are a tax on the U.S. consumer.
  • Protectionism, or tariffs, are prosperity killers, plain and simple.
  • To keep markets fair and open it becomes imperative to start thinking of solutions which are out of the box.

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IBM’s Watson plays pokemon – AT&T hackathon winner

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  • I saw the Watson Visual Recognition API and wondered, what if I could get Watson to play Pokmon Go for me?
  • Using the Watson Visual Recognition API Michael created a hack that takes periodical screenshots, identifies the Pokmon characters in them, and alerts other users to where the characters are.
  • In the video below you can see the winning hacker, Michael, using our Watson IoT platform and the Watson Visual Recognition service.
  • By the end of the hackathon Stefania Kaczmarczyk, a developer evangelist for IBMs Digital Group commented Watson can track Pokmon around the world and other players can see theres a really rare one that I want really bad over here, somebody else found it, now I can go get it……
  • You can find out more aboutWatson IoT,including Watsons Visual Recognition Appalong with otherIoT APIs in the Watson Developer Cloudand read more about Michael and other hackers projects in theAT&T Shape Tech Expo site.

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