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COTI becomes recognised as one of the Top 10 G-Startup finalists at GMIC Tel Aviv

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  • COTI becomes recognised as one of the Top 10 G-Startup finalists at GMIC TelAvivWe are proud to announce that COTI has been selected as one of the Top 10 promising Israelis startups for 2018 and will showcase its offering at The Top 10 of G-Startup.
  • Samuel Falkon (Marketing and co-founder) and Tal Dadia (Research Engineer) will pitch to a panel of G-Startup judges, at GMIC Tel Aviv competition that will take place at The Future of AI Machine Learning conference this Tuesday, the 20th of March at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv.
  • COTI, Currency of the InternetG-Startup Top 10 Tel Aviv startups, including COTI, will pitch to leading investors and innovators in the industry.
  • Nir Dashti, the PM of GMIC Tel Aviv commented: – GMIC Tel Aviv recognizes the most innovative companies that are disrupting technologies in the capital hub of Israel.
  • For more information, click to visit the GMIC Tel Aviv Facebook page – COTI community is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

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Cambridge Analytica Took 50M Facebook Users’ Data—And Both Companies Owe Answers

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  • Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm that worked on President Trump’s 2016 campaign, and its related company, Strategic Communications Laboratories, pilfered data on 50 million Facebook users and secretly kept it, according to two reports in The New York Times and The Guardian.
  • Facebook has suspended both Cambridge and SCL while it investigates whether both companies retained Facebook user data that had been provided by third-party researcher Aleksandr Kogan of the company Global Science Research, a violation of Facebook’s terms.
  • The suspensions were announced just hours before The New York Times and The Guardian published stories Saturday morning describing how Cambridge Analytica harvested data on 50 million US Facebook users, a number far larger than the 270,000 accounts Facebook initially cited.
  • Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections do not use or hold Facebook data, the statement read.
  • According to one source, a trove of Facebook users’ personal data was visible on Cambridge’s internal databases in 2017, despite SCL’s current denial and past promises to both Cambridge employees and Facebook that it had all been deleted in 2015.

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Why building the right data science team for your business is crucial

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  • Algorithms don’t change the business, only teams that understand the business outcomes with data will be able to scale up, experts say.
  • L-R: Alok Soni, YourStory (moderator), Avi Patchava, VP, Data Sciences, ML and AI, InMobi, Anandamoy Roychowdhary, Director, Technology, Sequoia Capital, Ashish Gupta, VP, Engineering, Rubrik delve into why getting the right data science team matters.
  • Experts at YourStorys Future of Work event on Saturday explained why having the right data science team determines the future of a company.
  • Avi Patchava, VP, Data Sciences, ML and AI, InMobi spoke about the difficulty in deciding what works with a digital team.
  • Data science teams should have multitudesof librariesof algorithms and have the skills to match the algorithm to meet the problem.

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