BigData News Tuesday, March 13 Logistic regression, Linear regression, Watson visual recognition & more…


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Machine Learning Algorithms: Which One to Choose for Your Problem

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  • This article will try to explain basic concepts and give some intuition of using different kinds of machine learning algorithms in different tasks.
  • In this article forStatsbot, I will try to explain basic concepts and give some intuition of using different kinds of machine learning algorithms in different tasks.
  • Your goal is to find the most optimal weights w1,…wn and bias for these features according to some loss function, for example,MSEorMAEfor a regression problem.
  • More complex algorithms suffer from overfitting many features and not huge datasets, while linear regression provides decent quality.
  • Neural Networksare a new era of machine learning algorithms and can be applied for many tasks, but their training needs huge computational complexity.

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IBM’s Watson plays pokemon – AT&T hackathon winner

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  • I saw the Watson Visual Recognition API and wondered, what if I could get Watson to play Pokmon Go for me?
  • Using the Watson Visual Recognition API Michael created a hack that takes periodical screenshots, identifies the Pokmon characters in them, and alerts other users to where the characters are.
  • In the video below you can see the winning hacker, Michael, using our Watson IoT platform and the Watson Visual Recognition service.
  • By the end of the hackathon Stefania Kaczmarczyk, a developer evangelist for IBMs Digital Group commented Watson can track Pokmon around the world and other players can see theres a really rare one that I want really bad over here, somebody else found it, now I can go get it……
  • You can find out more aboutWatson IoT,including Watsons Visual Recognition Appalong with otherIoT APIs in the Watson Developer Cloudand read more about Michael and other hackers projects in theAT&T Shape Tech Expo site.

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The market will see massive regulations – DeHedge –

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  • The market will see massive regulationsThere is an opinion on the market that SAFT (which is actually sale agreement for future tokens) may serve as panacea from SECs requirements to register tokens as securities or to claim respective exemption under applicable Regulation (for example, Regulation D).
  • There is also an opinion that using SAFT as part of token sale is a good strategy to escape restrictions imposed on project tokens under Regulation D.
  • That is, SAFT is considered as investment contract by itself and tokens issued under SAFT are released from such Regulation D limitations as restricted period on resale or necessity to sell only to accredited investors.
  • DeHedge suggests to be careful with such reliance on SAFT as SEC expressly explains that most tokens by themselves are investment contracts and they require separate compliance.
  • Similarly DeHedge thinks that reliance on SAFT as release from responsibility to comply with restricted period on token resale is a dangerous strategy because such solution may be easily challenged by SEC.

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