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Favorite Data Science and Machine Learning Blogs, Podcasts and Newsletters

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  • Over 16,000 data professionals were asked to indicate their favorite data science blogs, podcasts and newsletters.
  • In an earlier analysis of different platforms and resources for learning data science, I found that around 29% of data professionals rely on blogs, 7% rely on podcasts and 7% rely on newsletters.
  • In this post, we will identify data professionals favorite blogs, podcasts and newsletters.
  • I used data from theKaggle 2017 State of Data Science and Machine Learningsurvey of over 16,000 data professionals (survey data collected in August 2017).
  • The top 10 favorite data science blogs, podcasts and newsletters of data professionals are: – – There were many resources available to learn about data science, machine learning and AI.

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Key Questions You Should Ask Your Industrial Video Provider

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  • Frequently, video solutions intended for industrial use are purchased by the organizations security department.
  • Treating the video system as part of the SCADA system rather than the security system helps to clearly delineate videos use, purpose, form factor, and control.
  • Examples of where these types of systems are now in use include: – – This article was written byPaul Vanslette, Chief Technology Officer atIndustrial Video & Control.
  • Paul is responsible for planning and leading the initiative to design, develop, and implement industrial video software solutions for manufacturing, SCADA, and security applications that provide a sustained competitive advantage.
  • IVC delivers a broad range of quality IP-based video systems to industrial, commercial and military applications.

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Microsoft’s Cortana speaker will go the way of the Zune

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