Artificial Reality News Saturday, March 31 Black panther, Nvidia’s gtc, Agora sdk & more…


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Nvidia stuns by driving a car in real life through virtual reality

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  • Nvidia stuns by driving a car in real life through virtual at Nvidias GTC conference the company unveiled a wild technology demo and its straight out of Black Panther.
  • Simply put, a driver using virtual reality was remotely controlling a car in real life.
  • Hes not with us, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, said pointing the driver on the stage.
  • The driver was sitting on the stage of the convention center wearing an HTC Vive and seated in a cockpit-like car with a steering wheel.
  • Using Nvidias Holodeck software, a car was loaded (the same Lexus used in Black Panther).

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Augmented Reality Video Conference – –

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  • Add a method to transmit the video frames to the ARVideoSource class: – Next, instantiate an ARVideoSource in the View Controller and pass the instance variable to the Agora SDK via the setVideoSource interface in viewDidLoad().
  • This allows us to pass video frames to the Agora SDK as long as we call videoSources sendBuffer:timestamp: method.
  • Send CameraData:We can get each ARFrame through the ARSession callback, read the camera data from it, and use the videoSource to send out.
  • In the viewDidLoad method, set the ARSession delegate to the View Controller and add the callback function.
  • Send ARSCNView data:ARFrames capturedImage method collects the raw data from the camera.

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VR LBE — The Greatest Show On Earth? – Nigel McAlpine –

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  • With this kind of LBE (Location Based Entertainment) continuing to gain ground in the Immersive Technology sector, can this new show really be the answer to mass adoption in Virtual Reality (VR)?
  • Source: PinterestThe next level of LBE VR experience out of home is where the real professionalism lies.
  • Some of these experiences make the term VR Arcade within the LBE genre a little inaccurate, where the level of detail and production value means that they are more akin to actually taking part in some of the most famous films of all time.
  • The Void are by no means alone in the quality bespoke VR LBE experience arena, with Imax, Zero Latency, Nomadic, The Holodeck and Dreamscape Immersive all offering high value experiences.
  • And this quality content combined with quality user experience is perhaps key, as its not all good news on the LBE front with some reports in the US of fledgling VR Arcade companies closing down only months after opening.

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