Artificial Reality News Thursday, March 22 Altair vr team, Numerous negotiations, True leader & more…


Artificial Reality News TLDR / Table of Contents

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Visiting the US for the second time: main news from Altair VR team

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  • Visiting the US for the second time: main news from Altair VRteamWe are currently in the US again and ready to tell you more about out trip and the results of our work and numerous negotiations with experts and advisers.
  • Education in the US is considered as a very important part of peoples life.
  • Education must cause wow effect in order to attract children in the process of gaining knowledge.
  • That is why we were searching for new methods and forms of teaching.
  • After several days in the US we are happy to share some news: – We found a partner who will help us to launch our Virtual Encyclopedia franchise in the US and ChinaWe are in the process of negotiating with some American fulldome studios with a view to distributing their…

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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, AI, London | Core character traits of a True Leader

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  • A true leader trusts the knowledge of the people they have around them or they would not be allowed to be close.
  • A leader goes in front of their troops not only in front but way forward, most people have to run to catch up with a true leader, because they are focused on completing this challenge in order to move on to the next one.
  • A leader protects their troops even at the cost of their own desires its very easy as a person in a leadership activity to lose perspective and start believing people who like to have a boss (for various personal agenda reasons).
  • A leader stays the course regardless of hardship leadership is really hard work with loads of complex activities that need to be prioritised, people that need to be supported and KPIs that haunt your days.
  • A leader stands firm with their troops and trusts them to do their job there are many opportunities in a professional career to throw other people under a bus, but true leaders dont.

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[ANN] ★★★★★ 🔥🔥🔥 ANTI HUMAN GENOCIDE – ICO 🔥🔥🔥 ★★★★★

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  • ICO Registration – – – – – AGT – Anti Genocide Token – – ICO Rate = 1AGT – 1 USD – – *(AGT) we will develop on Fibonacci Framework – – – – ADDRESS: – – Bitcoin – – in which currencies you prefer to make contributions.
  • DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs),DAGs in DAGs will give freedom & Real Decentralization.Opensource Network, no fees,We will start to developing Fibonacci under Rate ICO and will use it as PioneerQuant messengerindependent, decentralized and every message will boost all network.AGT – Anti Genocide TokenICO Rate = 1AGT – 1 USD*(AGT) we will…
  • Using Dr. Brown’s Hydroxy gas technology You can look on YouTube how many smart guys working on as enthusiasts.Another thing is the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 – in the category of such dangerous inventions came cryptography, solar cells with an efficiency of more than 20%, energy conversion systems with…
  • is just drinks, yes?We say No to all secret societies and organizations, this contradicts the very notion of freedom.We say No to slavery and a corrupt hierarchy.We say No to the incitement of war by financial corporations.We say No to pedophilia, sacrifices and rape in all its manifestations including in…
  • We say No to discrimination on the basis of race, gender or national principles.We say No to alcohol and narcotic genocide.We say No to family clans trying to control the entire planet.Real Decentralization is the path to the liberation of the peoples of the world, from power, tyranny and dictatorship.What…

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