Artificial Reality News Monday, March 19 Izx drive tokens, Tokens izx erc-20, Southwark council & more…


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IZETEX evolution – Izetex Project –

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  • ERC-20 IZX tokens holders will be able to use IZX Drive tokens for advertising in games based on our platform.
  • Therefore, the price of the IZX Drive token must be substantially less than the price of ERC-20 token, so that advertisers can purchase enough tokens to test the platforms work.
  • The low price of tokens will help to attract new advertisers to the testing process and to improve the beta version of the platform.
  • Our tests show that the current price of a $ 1 token is an obstacle for many advertisers, since the budget of the trial advertising campaign will be hundreds of dollars.
  • Reducing the price of the IZX ERC-20 token to $ 0.01** For those, who bought tokens IZX ERC-20 for $ 1, the balance will be recounted and tokens will be automatically accrued in proportional amount.

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Southwark brings full-fibre broadband to council estates

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  • Public housing tenants and right-to-buy homeowners across the London borough of Southwark will soon be able to access ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband through a new partnership signed with network builder and internet service provider (ISP) Hyperoptic.
  • Southwark Councils portfolio currently comprises more than 53,000 residential homes and 1,000 commercial properties, but as a result of servicing these buildings, the council anticipates that Hyperoptics network will pass an additional 46,000 homes in the borough through a 40km extension to its existing infrastructure in the area.
  • Southwark Council has shown how we can find innovative new ideas and partnerships to help deliver a better broadband service to our residents, said Fiona Colley, Southwark Council cabinet member for finance, modernisation and performance.
  • This new agreement with Hyperoptic will complement other projects we have undertaken around the borough and means we can get improved broadband into more of our council estates, increasing the choice for our tenants and making it easier for Hyperoptic to then extend its service to private properties nearby.
  • In addition, Hyperoptic has committed to providing every council-owned TRA [tenants and residents association] hall and community centre with free gigabit capable broadband connections and as we work towards getting everyone in the borough online, it is also fantastic to hear that Hyperoptic will be offering digital inclusion training to…

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Magic Leap to Offer “Deep Dive” on AR Game Design at GDC

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  • Details on what the headset can actually do are still light, but come next week, four of the companys top creatives are promising to offer a deep dive on developing for spatial computing, in a session at GDC, which could reveal more about how the devices capabilities apply to game…
  • At GDC 2018 next week in San Francisco, Magic Leap will present an hour long sponsored session titled The World is Your Playground: Deep Dive on Developing for Spatial Computing.
  • The session pulls together the companys chief content officer,Rio Caraeff, interaction director, Aleissia Laidacker, director of interaction lab,Brian Schwab, and creative director, Jeremy Vanhoozer, for a look at the creative possibilities of AR and spatial computing: – – Join four well-known developers, now at Magic Leap, as they discuss how…
  • This time around, with the companys headset at least revealed on paper, were hoping Magic Leaps GDC session will offer more substantive information about the headsets capabilities as a medium for game design.
  • Well be on hand at GDC to see learn what we can about Magic Leaps vision of the unlimited potential for new game experiences thats offered by immersive AR.

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