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Lexus Is Now Launching A Virtual Reality Sales Campaign

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  • Lexus Is Now Launching A Virtual Reality SalesCampaignBig things are happening with Lexus and virtual reality.
  • The Japanese automobile maker has partnered with LA-based marketing agency, Team, in order to create and launch an advertising campaign that emphasizes virtual reality technology.
  • Titled Virtual to Reality the campaign is about how VR is able to simulate a lot of different senses though it might not offer the same sense as driving the real thing.
  • As each of the models in the campaign is a readily available model for purchase, the tagline for the campaign is to hurry before they are gone, and experience the reality of the Lexus brand.Want to read the rest of the article?
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5 virtual reality trends to watch out for in 2018

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  • When you look at the growth trajectory of the VR industry over the past few years, it is clear that only great things lie ahead.
  • What will be the catalyst for the growth of VR is more mainstream adoption as I predicted in my article last year, and one of the things that will drive this is adoption of VR by the advertising industry.
  • We have already seen signs of this in the recent past: last year Google announced its experiment with virtual reality ads that react to users eyes, Infiniti formed an alliance with OmniVirt to let people virtually test drive the Q60 using 360 VR video and Chick-fil-A launched a VR website…
  • In fact, industry giants are already making moves to encourage VR content producers; in Googles last year experiment with VR ads, the tech giant stated that its goal is to help producers make money to fund their VR content.
  • Perhaps more important is the fact that VR will get even realer in other words, we can look forward to development that will lead to a more immersive experience.

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This app uses machine learning and AR to teach you how to draw

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  • Enter Sketch AR:the AI-powered app that aims to make you a better artist regardless of your current skill.
  • From there you can cycle through point-by-point lessons that help you learn to associate free space with the next layer of a drawing.
  • For example, when a person is drawing, often their hand gets in the way of the camera.
  • According to a blog post from the developers: – – The apps recent updates, aside from more robust machine learning, include Sketch AR School, a robust tutorial approach that features several drawings for users to try their hand at.
  • Best of all, Sketch AR is available to download free on both iOS and Android.

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”]This app uses machine learning and AR to teach you how to draw[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]