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3 Potential Real-World Uses For Augmented Reality – Lucyd –

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  • 3 Potential Real-World Uses For Augmented RealityWith the AR market expected to reach almost $40 billion in the next few years, we here at Lucyd are extremely excited about the potential uses of this groundbreaking technology.While Augmented Reality once played second fiddle to its older brother, Virtual Reality, AR is…
  • The very definition of Augmented reality is that the tech adds to our sensory experience.That said, here are three industries in which we think AR has the greatest potential:SurgeryIn the United States, surgeons are required to go to school for nearly 20 years.
  • This image is then transposed onto a patients body, allowing the surgeon to use AR to assist them in the procedure.Couldnt the world use more surgeons with more precise tools?
  • By increasing the fighting potential of our troops, AR would significantly contribute to maintaining national security at home and abroad.Most technology makes its predecessor obsolete.
  • AR has no predecessor, rather it adds to our reality in a way that enables us to move through complex tasks with less friction.Theres still a lot of improvement to be had in this fledgling industry, but with more and more companies developing tech for AR, we are excited for…

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A Brief History Of Augmented Reality – Lucyd –

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  • A Brief History Of Augmented RealityIf we take a look at the past, we can see that the first working AR system that truly created a full experience came about in the early 90s.
  • Aside from that, Augmented Reality was primarily used in entertainment and gaming.
  • Augmented Reality hardware has been virtually non-existent (no pun intended) for the past several years.The only thing thats come close has been the short-lived Google Glass.A hugely unpopular product, Google Glass had the unfortunate luck of being both ahead of its time and also severely under-supported by Google.
  • While it had tremendous potential, it wasnt until the advent of blockchain technology that the prospect of AR glasses became an attractive proposition again.Lucyds glasses act also as a wallet, enabling users to send and receive transactionsmuch like other cryptocurrency wallets.With 75% of smartphone users requiring prescription eyewear, the market…
  • While we dont expect wearable tech to completely replace smartphones, we are confident that the every-day usability of eyeglasses combined with the advantages of Augmented Reality will create a busy marketplace for both developers and users.

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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, Blockchain, Scotland | #Social #Media Key Opinion Leaders #KOL #Huawei #MWC

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  • I have peoples Twitter names below, the person responsible is @FacingChina for this program (Pakistan), @mrbrown (Singapore), @shaanhaider (Middle East), @craigbrownphd (USA), @shapshak (South Africa), @gbengasesan (Nigeria), @userexperienceu (UK me), @grattonboy (UK), @grattongirl (UK), @mrthaibox123 (UK), @profkevincurran (UK) @marshacollier (USA) @petershankman (USA) @glengilmore (USA) @scobleizer (USA), @alexpuig (Spain), @cscolari (Spain),…
  • The idea is quite enlightened, no one is paid anything by Huawei, its a structured but flexible activity with amazing access to insider information including product launches, press briefings and private events.
  • A former Global Head of Mobility User Experience at Accenture and Partner, Global Head of Digital Design at Wipro Digital, current Chairman of the Human Centered Design Society and has relaunched or launched Design as a USP in six global enterprises.
  • He has always been fascinated by how technology can augment the lives of humans; – – He is still looking for the Gene Roddenberry future today where humanity pulls together and projects all of us the the next stage of evolution.
  • He has been involved in Human Centered Design hisentire career from designing operating models, services, products to websites and mobile applications always reverting to the intended users to avoid waste.

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Microsoft’s HoloLens is now available to rent

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  • Until now, the best way for interested companies to see whether Microsoft’s product was hype junk or something transformational was to plunk down $5,000.
  • Well, now Microsoft has decided to partner with a company calledAbcomrents, an event tech rental service, to let people get their feet wet and rent the HoloLens without making the full investment.
  • Microsoft posits that companies have shown interest in rentals so theycan evaluate before purchasing or increase their inventory temporarily to support tradeshows and events.
  • For now, the rental program is just available in North America, but Microsoft says they’re working to expand the availability of the program.
  • The company also announced in a post that they will be expanding general HoloLens availability toSingapore and the United Arab Emirates.

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How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry

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  • Augmented reality content can be found on everything from wine bottles to IKEAs catalog and virtual reality experiences are much more detailed, with rich layers of interactivity from hand controllers to gaze triggers, and a VR film has even won an Oscar.
  • With Apple and Google both debuting augmented reality platforms (ARKit and ARCore, respectively), Facebook heavily invested in its Oculus headset and Amazon unveiling augmented shopping features, AR and VR is primed to change many parts of our everyday lives.
  • Three main areas human resources, customer experiences, food products have seen the most concentration of AR/VR development so far and will likely continue to push the envelope on what use cases AR & VR have within the industry.
  • Given Hololens hefty price tag ($3,000 for the base Development Edition), most other brands have stuck with mobile AR such as Coca Colas Christmas magic campaign that gave users the ability to see virtual Santa and hidden scenes across branded bus stops in NYC or Patrons AR-enabled tasting experience with…
  • Visual enjoyment is a major part of any eating and drinking experience and brands have come to embrace virtual overlays whether immersed in VR or augmented in AR as a way to educate, inspire, and prompt consumers to action.

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