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  • In Part I of our ARCore series, we shared some creative ideas on how you can use capabilities like light estimation to unlock new forms of user interaction and gameplay, part II shares some more practical use cases for additional ARCore features like Instant preview and Motion tracking.
  • In part II of our ARCore blog post series, we share some more practical ideas for leveraging ARCore capabilities like motion tracking to build a Jenga handheld AR game or the AR Session Pause function to keep users engaged when your ARCore app loses focus.
  • A super fun ARCore experience: In this example, you are manipulating the digital object directly using familiar and simple gestures, such as holding the block while pressing it on screen and moving your device to find where to release the block by letting go of the screen – – User…
  • Instant Preview for AR: test as you build – New in ARCore v1.1.0 for Unity is Instant preview.
  • ARCore resources and how to share your ideas – Share your ideas with the community and use ARCore 1.1.0 for Unity to create high+quality AR apps for more than 100 million Android devices on Google Play!

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  • New technologies may provide a chance to rethink your business and improve it in ways not yet imagined.
  • A number of companies have begun using the new technology as a tool for training employees.
  • Here are three surprising impacts that may inform your efforts to optimize your business processes when integrating VR technology.
  • Related:Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will be Important for Your Business – – In many companies, employee training is often shaped by a small group of in-house experts.
  • A new technology like VR may provide you with unexpected opportunities to improve your business processes and make them more efficient.

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  • But superthin, shape-shifting sheets worn as sleeves or built into other garments could provide gamers with tactile feedback that makes virtual realities more immersive.
  • The new device, described April 5 at the Materials Research Society spring meeting, contains a grid of tiny, inflatable bubbles, sandwiched between two soft, stretchy silicone films.
  • When one of these bubble wraplike sheets is placed against a users skin, inflating different air pockets by different amounts at different speeds can make a gamer feel like shes been grabbed around the wrist or patted on the back.
  • Each air pocket on the sheet is coated with a liquid metal sensor that tracks how much that bubble is distended, which helps regulate the devices shape-shifting.
  • He imagines future versions of these VR sleeves fitted with tiny tanks of compressed gas to inflate the air bubbles.

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