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The 4 Types of Data Analytics

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  • We focus on the four types of data analytics we encounter in data science: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive.
  • In this blog post, we focus on the four types of data analytics we encounter in data science: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive.
  • This is the next step of complexity in data analytics isdescriptive analytics.
  • Well-designed business information (BI) dashboards incorporating reading of time-series data (i.e. data over multiple successive points in time) and featuring filters and drill down capability allow for such analysis.
  • To find out how data analytics could bring further value to your business,please drop us a mailto arrange for a chat.

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Proven Ways To Increase Sales Of Software and IT Services | Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

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  • This is why search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click are effective online marketing processesin selling your software.
  • There are a lot of companies in your niche compete with you for the same product and service, so make sure to tap into the best SEO strategies to land sales and a better online visibility.
  • Many businesses use automated social media tools to automate their processes, however you do need to have social media campaign managers to do the social media marketing manually.
  • Since social media channels are source of sales for me and my clients, every year i decide to make one of them a trend online.
  • Lately a couple of PhD students asked my help for their PhD thesis in regards to the effectiveness of social media in marketing and sales.

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Don’t learn Machine Learning in 24 hours –

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  • Dont learn Machine Learning in I came across a wonderful article by Peter NorvigTeach yourself programming in 10 years.
  • This is a witty and a tad bit satirical headline, taking a dig at all those coffee table programming books that aim to teach you programming in 24 hours, 7 days, 10, days, *insert a ridiculously short time line*.
  • Thousands of them have the same kind of headlinesMachine Learning in 7 lines of code, Machine Learning in 10 days, etc.
  • Found this on a very funny FacebookpageEven if we were to forget the 10,000 hours rule for a second, you cant do machine learning in 7 lines of code.
  • Because those 7 lines of code do not explain how you did in the bias-variance tradeoff, what your accuracy value means, or whether accuracy is an appropriate metric of performance in the first place, whether your model overfits, how your data is distributed, and if youve chosen the right model…

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