AI News Thursday, March 29 Predictive modeling, Linear regression, Virtual agent & more…


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A Tour of The Top 10 Algorithms for Machine Learning Newbies

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  • For machine learning newbies who are eager to understand the basic of machine learning, here is a quick tour on the top 10 machine learning algorithms used by data scientists.
  • For machine learning newbies who are eager to understand the basic of machine learning, here is a quick tour on the top 10 machine learning algorithms used by data scientists.
  • The representation of linear regression is an equation that describes a line that best fits the relationship between the input variables (x) and the output variables (y), by finding specific weightings for the input variables called coefficients (B).
  • We will predict y given the input x and the goal of the linear regression learning algorithm is to find the values for the coefficients B0 and B1.
  • Because of the way that the model is learned, the predictions made by logistic regression can also be used as the probability of a given data instance belonging to class 0 or class 1.

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Watch a Computer Learn to Play ‘Doom’ Inside a Dream

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  • Case in point: Researchers David Ha (of Google Brain, the search giants machine learning wing) and Jrgen Schmidhuber were able to get a machine to hallucinate, as they put it, its own idea of what the 1993 video game Doom looks like.
  • The machine learning set up for this task had three components: First, a model that comes up with a compressed version of the game environment based on a snapshot (like a low bitrate MP3 or deep fried JPEG), and then another model that takes that information to output a probability…
  • All of these machine learning models, plugged into one another, allow a virtual agent to perceive a game world and play within it properly.
  • To do just this, Ha and Schmidhuber got their prediction model to sample its own predictions of the game state as a source for further predictions, creating an entirely imagined idea of the game world based on the real thing.
  • The model was also given the ability to predict if the player dies in the next frame in addition to predicting the next frame itself, creating the conditions for a virtual agent to play and train inside this dream state that probabilistically recreates a machines idea of Doom (technically, a…

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France wants to become an artificial intelligence hub

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  • Frances AI strategy – First, many private companies have opened or plan to open AI research centers in France.
  • French administrations are going to share new data sets so that anyone can build AI services using those data sets.
  • While multiple French governments have worked on some kind of health data hub, Macron announced that this time its going to happen for real.
  • Overall, France is going to invest $1.85 billion (1.5 billion) in AI projects, from public research to startup investments.
  • Not the first AI push – As Next INpact pointed out, there have been multiple reports on artificial intelligence over the past few years FranceIA, the CNIL, the OPECST andthe European Economic and Social Committee all wrote their own recommendations when it comes to AI policies.

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