AI News Tuesday, March 13 Logistic regression, Linear regression, Built-in ai chip & more…


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Machine Learning Algorithms: Which One to Choose for Your Problem

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  • This article will try to explain basic concepts and give some intuition of using different kinds of machine learning algorithms in different tasks.
  • In this article forStatsbot, I will try to explain basic concepts and give some intuition of using different kinds of machine learning algorithms in different tasks.
  • Your goal is to find the most optimal weights w1,…wn and bias for these features according to some loss function, for example,MSEorMAEfor a regression problem.
  • More complex algorithms suffer from overfitting many features and not huge datasets, while linear regression provides decent quality.
  • Neural Networksare a new era of machine learning algorithms and can be applied for many tasks, but their training needs huge computational complexity.

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AI smartphones will soon be standard, thanks to machine learning chip

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  • Almost every major player in the smartphone industry now says that their devices use the power of artificial intelligence (AI), or more specifically, machine learning algorithms.
  • That might soon change: thanks to a processor dedicated to machine learning for mobile phones and other smart-home devices, AI smartphones could one day be standard.
  • British chip design firm ARM, the company behind virtually every chip in todays smartphones, now wants to put the power of AI into every mobile device.
  • Their built-in AI chip would allow devices to continue running machine learning algorithms even when offline.
  • We analyze compute workloads, work out which bits are taking the time and the power, and look to see if we can improve on our existing processors, Jem Davies, ARMs machine learning group head, told the MIT Technology Review.

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Boon Tech | Boon Tech Free A.I. Powered freelance Marketplace

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  • Boon Tech is a block chain based free freelance Marketplace in which entrepreneurs and freelancers meet to carry out transactions involving freelance services with crypto currency rewards.
  • Boon Tech combines concepts from job marketplace with lessons learned from building crypto currencies and their communities.
  • Boon Tech is the first ever free freelancer marketplace in the world that reward a freelancer and the employer who uses the platform.

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