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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, Usability, Research | #ubinetus has released 200 #UbiNETcToken

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  • #ubinetus has released 200 #UbiNETcToken which issue #ThingCoin at a fixed asset price of $500,000 the #Fiat raised will be used to build the first fully functioning @UbiNET this is costed as being $100,000,000.
  • To note interest respond here #Crypto #FCFSthe current structure is; – – ThingCoin Data management of unique id = 100,000,000 for building the first system, they will be issued by manufactures so there will be Trillions of them ultimately – – Asset sales UbiNET-p-Token from Central Release, a secondary…

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IIoT Applied: Predictive Maintenance on a Compressor | Automation World

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  • Compressors are very common in most industrial facilities and buildings, can be instrumented fairly easily, and are great candidates for predictive maintenanceone of the terms you hear a lot in the context of IoT.
  • The facilities manager responsible for this compressor told me they perform preventive maintenance about once a year, and we found a report from the most recent service.
  • To move from this periodic compressor maintenance to predictive maintenance, the three parameters I decided to monitor were motor temperature, vibration and motor current.
  • Next, we could measure the motors three-phase current by using three split-core current transformers installed at the compressor disconnect switch.
  • With this simple, inexpensive IoT application of condition-based monitoring built on these three parameters, we should have enough data to move from preventive maintenance to predictive for the compressor.

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Benchmarking 20 Machine Learning Models Accuracy and Speed

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  • As Machine Learning tools become mainstream, and ever-growing choice of these is available to data scientists and analysts, the need to assess those best suited becomes challenging.
  • Inthis study, 20 Machine Learning models were benchmarked for their accuracy and speed performance on a multi-core hardware, when applied to 2 multinomial datasets differing broadly in size and complexity.
  • Suggestions for additional Machine Learning, pertinent datasets and which recommender to benchmark are welcome.

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