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Financial institutions adopting blockchain faster than expected

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  • According to a recent Reuters article, widespread financial adoption of blockchain technology was thought to be at least 5 to 10 years away.
  • But a recent IBM study shows 15 percent of top global banks intending to roll out full-scale commercial blockchain products in 2017.
  • Learn more about blockchain for financial services – – During the All Together Now, How Bank & Tech Partnerships are Shaping the Future of Blockchain, Chris Ferris, IBM CTO of Open Technologies, explained that these technologies are already available for experimentation and encouraged companies to act now in order for…
  • He clarified that the technology extends beyond bitcoin and shared the point of view of IBM on this technology and its usefulness across industries, combined with cognitive capabilities: – – Panelist moderators and audiences often asked who would be the winners and losers in the blockchain space.
  • IBM Vice President of Blockchain Technologies Jerry Cuomo expressed that proactive public sector involvement could ensure open solutions are developed to support transparency, accuracy, and efficiency across business networks.

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Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Should Be More Paranoid

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  • The report says people and companies working on AI need to think about building safeguards against criminals or attackers into their technologyand even to withhold certain ideas or tools from public release.
  • Tuesdays report is concerned with the more visceral harms that could result from AI software becoming much more capable and pervasive, for example in autonomous cars, or software that can automate complicated office tasks.
  • The reports main recommendation is that people and companies developing AI technology discuss safety and security more actively and openlyincluding with policymakers.
  • Shahar Avin, a lead author on the new report, and researcher at Cambridge Universitys Center for the Study of Existential Risk, says the fields innocent attitude is an outdated legacy from decades of AI over-promising but under-delivering.
  • He was lead author of a recent survey of technical challenges in AI that identified security and safety as major topics for research and concern.

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Blockchain wows World of Watson

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  • While the sessions surrounding blockchain at World of Watson were as varied as the industries blockchain applies to, one thing was clear: the demand for information surrounding this emerging technology is rampant.
  • The focus of Day One revolved around the relationship and implications of this technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), security concerns around blockchain and recommendations for creating an optimal blockchain use case.
  • To kick off the conference, James Murphy, Offering Manager for Watson IoT, and Jeff Achtermnann, Software Architect, IoT, helped us understand and navigate the integration of the Watson IoT Platform and blockchain technologies.
  • The Watson IoT Platform has a built-in capability that enables you to add selected IoT data to private blockchain networks and transactions.
  • Leveraging blockchain for your IoT data opens up new ways of automating business processes among your partners without setting up a centralized IT infrastructure.

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    Artificial intelligence adoption continues its progression into the mainstream

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    • Everything invented in the past 150 years will be reinvented using AI within the next 15 years, predicts San Francisco-based Randy Dean, chief business officer at Launchpad.AI.
    • In the same way that the internet rippled through the business community over the course of ten to fifteen years, and the mobile did the same, AI will take that samepath.
    • It will take multiple years for organisations to begin to take full advantage of AI, but it is something that business leaders need to focus on, otherwise they are going to start losing ground to competitors that are using it.
    • During this year of transition and transformation, AI will not only be a catalyst for deep disruptive change in business, but for wider societal benefitstoo.
    • It may be a small step in terms of disruptive technologies, she adds, with a nod to Neil Armstrong, but if AI fulfils its potential, it truly would represent a giant leap for business, economy andsociety.

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